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In about 3 hours time I will be posting this on my blog :


How about someone do a tutorial for you? Easy, all you have to do is to share your knowledge in contribution for someone else’s.


House of Pinheiro is volunteering a step by step tutorial specially made to a fellow blogger for free. All you have to do is do the same for someone else’s and “Spread the word” and let’s fill this cyber space with wonderful kind gestures!


The rules:

1st come 1st serve. 1st person to respond to this post will get the tutorial.

After that “the respondent” should copy and paste this post and be working on a tutorial for someone else.


You have no say on what the other person might do so it’s completely up to your fellow blogger.  Be brave! ! It can be explanations, with or without photos, or a video…everything allowed.


Can be something simple or something very technical... It doesn’t matter. It’s all about fun and sharing.

Your name and your blog will be feature as special contributions on that person site with an added a link.


House of Pinheiro would love to keep track of where we are spreading the word, so if you participated, please send me an email with your blog and your fellow blogger at and I will reference all your tutorials and blogs at this post. Also it will give the opportunity to a fellow blogger that missed a change, check your blog to get a tutorial for free.


Once you have done it for someone, you shouldn’t do it again, it’s about spreading the world around. The timeline it’s once agreed your tutorial should be with in a month.


Post this button spreading the world you done it.



Happy Sewing!


see you tomorrow ! xx

The button code:

<a href=" "><img src="[IMG][/IMG] ">

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Just to confirm, 1st person that respond this post on my blog !

Hi Silva,

   wow...this sounds like so much fun.. Wish I could do it.. But, I am leaving on vaccation Sunday and will be gone for a week, and this week is ...wild.. so busy..So much to get done...

   Sorry I am going to miss it.. Maybe next time..I will get to do it.. Didnt want you to think..I wasnt wanting to  join in.. Hope you girls have LOTS of fun.. and as soon as I get home..I will check out all the wonderful information that this will create..  Happy sewing and tutortialing!!!

Fun! Not sure I can manage a 2 week deadline, as I'm so bad at sticking with deadlines, but I'll try to think of something I want to learn. Great idea though! I'll be following along, at least.

Should I make it a bit more time??


Hi Rachel,

I think more time would help. For some reason this month coming up (June) feels very hectic. I'm prepping for a conference and will be out for part of the month. I'd like time to think up something fun. So yes I'll join in but more time would be ideal!

Ok, I will do more time !
I just changed to within a month or timeline agreed ! sounds better?
I need someone to get a tutorial first. seens harder that I thought !

Hi Rachel,

  I am not understanding what we need to do?? Just let me know, and I will try to help,since you  gave a month.. I will be back by then and  have more time..

  Sorry I am computer dumb and dont understand..

I wanted us to share our tutorials, Like I do on for you, You do one for Cathe, and the Cathe do one for somebody else. The rule is to spread the tutorials. Sorry I think its my way of explaining ! ;o)

 I understand.. Like a chain letter of tutortials... Count me in.. like I said..I will be gone next week.. so it maybe when I get back home..


  Its not your way of explainind..its just an "old" brain reading.haha

Judy, you are not a "old" brain. U are adorable ! xx


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