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Earlier this week I blogged about having a fabric stash that has gotten out-of-control . *ahem*  As much as I ADORE fabric, my situation is starting to sap my creativity, not to mention making my sewing area unusable.  To my shame, I have actually run out of storage space. Eeep!


Over the weekend, I'm going to be putting together fabric bundles to sell on my blog for great low prices.  There will everything from large scraps to yardage.  I'm a fabric snob (LOL!) and buy only designer quilting cottons.  I'm happy to ship worldwide, too.


Knowing how much everyone here loves fabric, I wanted to make sure to give you all a heads up! :)


(Mena - I hope this is OK to post here....)

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I should also add that my home is smoke-free, but we do have a kitty.  My fabric is pre-washed and stored in Rubbermaid bins.


I'm only hoping to make enough to cover shipping.  Anything above that will be a pocket money bonus! :)

It's totally fine to post that here -- I'd love to have some sort of marketplace unofficially set up.


Let me rephrase that -- It's totally fine to post here, just give me first dibs. ;p

First dibs given gladly! :)  A marketplace would be fantastic on here! :)
I think a kind of bartering system would be really interesting, there are so many tallent people to swap items, fabrics,parretns and if theres nothing else to barter with put a £ on it.

Bartering is excellent and something I use quite frequently. :)

I am completely open to trades/barter if someone sees something they like.  You can email me or message me here. :)

brillaint. I read a fantastic article on not enough bartering. I'l try and find the web site on a interesting lady who does accept this. My husband has always used it for his electrial work, and amongst friends it has been well recieved. wouldn't it be great if $/£ didn't rule the world!!
I'd love to see that article. :)
Oooooooo...fabric! I'm extremely excited by your offer and thrilled to discover your blog too. Thank you!  Now mind you, I just packed up my stash into umpteen boxes which has made my husband look at me like I've gone mental, but I'm still interested in fabric. (and perhaps rehab for the previously mentioned habit.)
Thanks,  Amy! :) My husband just rolls his eyes now.... ;P

so funny.. yep ,me too..fixing to check out Sarahs sight..CAN'T resist..ha

 I think fabric/pattern rehab is on all our upcoming list... Mena...have you thought

of adding some type of rehab for us.hahaha

please don't encourage my own fabric stashing.

Oops! Sorry for encouraging stashing (LOL!), but the first lot is up:




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