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How many of you have a serger and how many make do with just your sewing machine? Those of you with a serger, do you find it really helps and what make would you recommend? I'm trying to decide whether I need one or not and if so what I should get.

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i have an overlocker (serger) it's a brother (cheapest model). it's great - i find it saves me heaps of time especially on things with ruffles (i make  a lot of clothes for my daughter/little girls) no need to hem - just overlook using 3 thread setting and a pretty colour! it's also great for stopping things from fraying... i say go for it! :) 

LOVE mine...cheapest Singer that they make...bought the display model on sale...couldn't pass up $150. Been a champ...use it on EVERYTHING! It doesn't make a good strenghth stitch so I always come back and run a line...but seriously...I finish items in about 65% of the time. Awesome invention!

I absolutely love my serger, but I'll admit, I'm quite lazy -it's in my cupboard at the moment because I haven't got a lot of space, and I tend to finish my seams off with a zig zag stitch if only to save time. But it does give a nice finish to the garment for sure! As for knits - they're so much easier with a serger!


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