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This week is all about taking the time to finish that UFO (unfinished object) that has been put aside for better and brighter projects.

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Oh, I have just the thing to finish then. A lovely wide fifties skirt in wool. It just needs hemming and a waistband- and has needed that for a year and a half...
What a fabulous color! 
Isn't it? I love it. So I have no good excuse for not finish it at all!
I have a skirt/trouser suit that's been cut out and waiting for the best part of 10 years - things kept getting in the way!  I know I've got to do it super neatly, because it's a suit.  Only thing is, I don't want to end up looking like a hotel receptionist or something in it.  So, I've not felt like doing it.  But this week, I happen to have a few days to myself from work, so there's nothing to stop me...  
Yea.. cant wait to see it.. And I  know you won't look like  a hotel rceptionist. ha. Looking forward to the picture.
Here's part of the suit ... have a nice day! 
Great theme! I have a dress that has been finished - apart from the hem - for over a year. I won't have much time this week, but hemming one  dress seems managable!
My UFO's are a dress that I have had partially sewn for about two months. The easiest one is an apron that has been cut out for about 2 1/2 years! That is the plan for this week. The apron is reversible and just keeps getting put on the back burner.
not sure if I will get something made this week, because I am such a new sewer I have very few UFOs, one skirt I have no idea how to finish, and last week's pattern that is so horrible I don't have the heart to finish.... I do have one thing I might do, not sure if  it counts as it's more DNS (did not start) than UFO.... ;0)
Hey... I think DNS will work.. sounds good to me.. and I look forward to seeing  the DNS/UFO project..  Guess what my UFO project is............I had a uh-oh when cutting out  a blouse  a while back.. and tucked it away ,out of sight.. I pulled it out and come up with an idea..still not quite sure where my brain was...when I thought up this idea??? ha
Would it be terrible to admit that most all of my projects are UFOs…! Perhaps a little attention deficit here!

Me  tooo...  ha


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