The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

This week is all about channeling your domestic side. We're making aprons, either vintage or modern.

Once you've completed the challenge, upload your photo and tag it "kissthecook"

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Now...this is a apron...........wonder how much cooking she will get done.hahhaha
not very sexy face hehehe

Mena... just have to tell you..[promise this is true,ha] When you sent the email telling us about the apron challenge.I went straight to my sewing room..I found the perfect fabric in my stash..[I will post tonight] It is all about cooking..and guess what is written all over it??/Kiss the Cook...[and you hadnt posted the title yet!!! SO.. great minds

think alike.hahaha.Thought you would like this.ha

I made an apron/smock! I'm new to the site and a very novice sewist, so I feel so pleased with myself. I tried to use the Pocket Apron/Smock pattern from the Tipnut collection of vintage patterns, but I couldn't work out how to size up a PDF pattern fromA4 to something usable. (Heck, I'm still trying to figure out how to work with regular patterns!) So I used it and its instructions as a rough guide and also an undershirt of my husband to guide me on size, as it's loose but not too loose on me. It turned out not at all bad, I think. I added a whole row of pockets, rather than just the two, as whether cooking or crafting with my kids, I always need extra pockets! I posted the picture and tagged it as instructed and will also try to put up a post on this over at my blog before the end of the week. I couldn't even imagine beginning to attempt the dress, so just wore black. LOL. Looking forward to seeing the dresses that others make.

well done for getting your apron finished, I hope you had that wow I made that feeling.

So I have some black fabric I want to use for the dress  -but it's not too big a piece - how much fabric did you guys use for the dress? (lengt+width and what size did you make?)?


I had the dress in my favourites already so I guess the sew weekly is a good excuse to actually make it :)

Ann, sorry, I didnt make the burda dress , so I dont know about the yardage..  It seems there was so much fitting issues with the pattern, I decided to not try it.ha.
That's okay  - I did buy it and I still plan to make it I just haven't had time for either the dress or apron this week. Oh well - maybe I'll find more time next week

This isn't a vintage pattern but I used scraps of fabric I had from other projects to make it.


Claire.. this  apron is really cute..
Cool - I really like it!


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