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Do you have suggestions for upcoming Sew Weekly themes? Let us know here.

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excellent idea!
I love the theme 'something inspired by your grandmother' Grandma is super stylish and had AMAZING hairstyles in the 40's (not to mention clothes!)
My Granny had wonderful taste! She worked at Lord & Taylor and always had the best quality items.  I have her Dior Couture suit.
Can I add my "yes" to the apron idea - I might have a chance of actually finishing that one more or less when everybody else does!
I'm keen to do aprons too.  Have a pattern for some lovely frilly ones.  I'd also like to do something for work, as I seem to spend a lot of time there!
Funny Charolette..  I like the apron idea too.. Hope your having a good day.judy
Me too!

I thought of three more ideas:


"I spent less than 5 dollars on everything I needed for this" week

"Outfits inspired by someone else's  contribution to sewweekly" (I have more than one idea for this already!)

"The same pattern" week - everyone makes the same pattern their way (would maybe have to be a pattern available on burdastyle to download so everyone could join in)


Any good?


i like 'The same pattern'!
I like all these themes as well!  I like the idea of something inspired by someone else's contribution and the 'same pattern' week--that would be really interesting (there would have to be lots of advance notice for that one...or maybe a downloadable pattern or something OR one of the repro patterns).
I love all those ideas - particularly the "same pattern" week - it is so much fun seeing how different things turn out.
I like these ideas, too.  I really like making something inspired by someone else here :)


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