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Even though we're not sewing with a strictly defined theme this week, the stash busting theme does lend itself to some fun community participation opportunities: a stash busting game! We'll be tracking our progress this week at The Sewing Circle, so be sure to check out this thread.

So how does this all work? As a motivation to dive into that stash and get sewing, we're going to award points to our creations sewn THIS WEEK based on these guidelines:

  • 5 points per yard of fabric used
  • 10 points for fabric being vintage, thrifted or upcycled
  • 3 points for every pattern used that you've never sewn before
  • 10 points for using a pattern/fabric you've had for more than a year
  • 20 points for integrating a SCRAP (not a piece of fabric you cut) less than 1/2 yard into your garment

Don't forget to include photos!

At the end of the week, we'll total our points up and see who really tore through their sewing room. And of course, the Top Stash Buster gets a prize. It's all honor system, but I know you all are a trust-worthy crowd. 

Ok, let's get sewing!

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It sure is summer - DISGUSTINGLY so... the temp has mainly been in the mid 30s (95 fahrenheit ) with a few days of 42 (107 fahrenheit!) just for good measure!
Very nice!

This is my third (and final, I promise!) stash busting effort - a dress made from a quilt cover. This dress was also a simple design and super quick to make. Sorry for posting all the photos here - I don't have a blog so I don't have anywhere else to share them!


Pattern: c.1970s "Quick! Butterick" 6521 that I haven't made before (3pts) and has been in my collection close to 2 years (10pts)

Material: 2 yards (10pts) of op-shopped vintage quilt cover (10pts) that I've had for at least 2 years - back in the day when I only had one box of fabric! (10pts)

Total: 43 points

Was it quick to make? You are amazing to have made all this and gone to work in one week! I am in awe... I really like the belt too, it makes the dress, love the fabric too
As corny as it is to agree with the pattern cover declaring "Quick! Butterick: Fast & easy with bonus time saving method"... it really was really quick. It was all one piece for the front and back (i.e. not a separate bodice attached to skirt) so the only work was putting in tucks at the front, front and back bands, straps and zipper. The longest thing was probably hand-sewing the hem... something that my aunt (a professional dressmaker/tailor) impressed on me when I was 15, and while I didn't start sewing for at least another 7-8 years after that I never forgot! I hand-sew my hems on everything, even baby dresses!
love this dress. The colours really suit you.

My stash busting creation - "Liberty Days"


The top is made from Liberty fabric I got last year, made up into my variation of Butterick 6226 (1992), and the pants are made in a stretch cotton that recently made its way into my stash. I used the Built by Wendy pants pattern.

As for points: pants - 12.5 for fabric, 3 for pattern I've never used, 10 points for pattern Ive had for over a year, & 20 points for the vintage bias tape I used to bind the pockets = 45.5.
Top - 10 points for fabric & 10 points for pattern Ive had for over a year = 20

Total = 65.5




great points scoring! and a lovely outfit with gorgeous material, you look great
You look fabulous Debbie!  I love the top and I am especially keen on your pants pockets - delightful!
That's a fab outfit Debbie. It looks very professional. Well done!

Pants & Blouse- 5 yds- 25 points

Blouse -simplicity 2936 -never used- 3 point

Pants Mccalls - never used -3 p0ints

Both fabrics and patterns had over 2 yrs- 10 points [? do you count it as 10 points?]

Scrap [recycled pockets from husbands old dress pants]- 20 points

 Note; I thought the recycled pockets would be a quick easy pocket..WRONG... took

me 1 1/2 hours to get them out.ha

well I think you look lovely Judy,  like the sleeves


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