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Even though we're not sewing with a strictly defined theme this week, the stash busting theme does lend itself to some fun community participation opportunities: a stash busting game! We'll be tracking our progress this week at The Sewing Circle, so be sure to check out this thread.

So how does this all work? As a motivation to dive into that stash and get sewing, we're going to award points to our creations sewn THIS WEEK based on these guidelines:

  • 5 points per yard of fabric used
  • 10 points for fabric being vintage, thrifted or upcycled
  • 3 points for every pattern used that you've never sewn before
  • 10 points for using a pattern/fabric you've had for more than a year
  • 20 points for integrating a SCRAP (not a piece of fabric you cut) less than 1/2 yard into your garment

Don't forget to include photos!

At the end of the week, we'll total our points up and see who really tore through their sewing room. And of course, the Top Stash Buster gets a prize. It's all honor system, but I know you all are a trust-worthy crowd. 

Ok, let's get sewing!

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this is lovely, lots of buttonholes, you are brave!

Hey Guys,


I'm going to want to start tallying the points and see who placed first. To be fair, I'll close the thread at 1:00 pm my time (Pacific) (In about three hours.) So if you haven't posted, be sure to get it up there now.

Hello Mena


I haven't won, but in a sense i have because I had fun and learnt lots! Plus seeing what everyone has made has been great. Thanks for organising this for us.


Charlotte x


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