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Even though we're not sewing with a strictly defined theme this week, the stash busting theme does lend itself to some fun community participation opportunities: a stash busting game! We'll be tracking our progress this week at The Sewing Circle, so be sure to check out this thread.

So how does this all work? As a motivation to dive into that stash and get sewing, we're going to award points to our creations sewn THIS WEEK based on these guidelines:

  • 5 points per yard of fabric used
  • 10 points for fabric being vintage, thrifted or upcycled
  • 3 points for every pattern used that you've never sewn before
  • 10 points for using a pattern/fabric you've had for more than a year
  • 20 points for integrating a SCRAP (not a piece of fabric you cut) less than 1/2 yard into your garment

Don't forget to include photos!

At the end of the week, we'll total our points up and see who really tore through their sewing room. And of course, the Top Stash Buster gets a prize. It's all honor system, but I know you all are a trust-worthy crowd. 

Ok, let's get sewing!

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how long have you been sewing? you have been doing amazingly with the challenges so I assumed it was forever! what was the pattern you used?
I used to sew a lot years ago but a demanding job and studies came in the way.  I've since changed jobs and get home a bit earlier, have a bit more time to myself, so now I can sew again!  Just feel a bit rusty though ...  The pattern is a Burda one - I've put the number on my flickr description.  Can't remember it just now!
I have a bit of a lack of time  .... I can sew from 7pm ish onwards but I don't always feel like it, am worn out by 9! I spent 3 hours last night sorting a pattern for this week's challenge and all I have is alot of  cut out pieces - no actual sewing yet. Hence I am searching on ebay for very easy patterns.... tee hee, can't wait to see what you do this week - crossed fingers I finish mine, I am still very much a beginner so I think it's taking me longer than experienced stitchers... I will check out your pattern.

Hi Charolette,

  What is this coming weeks challenge? I got my email yesterday and glanced at it, but never read it..My "darling husband" was cleaning up the  computer for me,and oops  ,he deleted it and then deleted the deleted items.So, I have no idea??????

was gonna work on finding the project tonight..but guess not.ha.


This week's challenge is using the traditional Valentines Day pallette - red, white, pink, lace, floral.  (Not necessarily all of it at once, though!  ;-)
Thanks Kat.. will check out my stash ,to see what I can come up with.. Judy
sorry Judy, only just saw this, glad Kat could help you out x

No problem...

 Are you planning on doing the valentine dress challenge this week? My red stash is very limited.. so my dress will have to be a "not very much fabric needed dress", ha.

  Havent  decided what to do yet.. judy

Valentines day dress

3 yards print = 15 points

3 yards read lining = 15 points

vintage / thrifted fabric = 10 points

Vintage pattern never sewn = 3 points

Pattern / fabric purchased over 1 year ago = 10 points


Total = 53


Bonus skirt for my daughter with scrap from my dress = 20 points

Grand total (if scrap skirt counts) = 73


I think it would be a great idea to carry on the 'stashbusting' scoring, even after the competition.   
beautiful! I like the contrast... and a bonus too, how clever

Wow, what a great weekend! I can't even start to praise you all individually for your wonderful creations, I would sit here until tonight. I finished my challenge entry as well, even though I am a little late in uploading. This is my new 1950ies suit

And here's the score:

4 m fabric, 3 m lining = 35 points

Fabric older than 1 year:  10 points

Pattern in my posession for more than 1 year: 10 points

Jacket pattern never used before: 3 points 

TOTAL 58 points

See my blog for more details:




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