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Hello All,


This week's theme is up.


The challenge to you all: sew something that is inspired by something "off-the-rack." It can be vintage, new, online, in shops, in magazines. Just something you can buy.


I'll be starting a photo album for this theme, but please feel free to post away here.



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I was so determined to be the first to post in this thread, that I'm gonna post, even though I was a bit too late to get my photo done today.  :-(  (It's just a bit too dark outside now, and my outfit is black, so my photographer (aka my boyfriend whose arm I twist to take photos!) has informed me I have to wait for tomorrow evening when the sun is up again.  :-(


But I'm posting anyway, just coz I wanted to share my excitement at having already completed this week's challenge - yay!  :-)  Photos soon, hopefully.....

well done - I have only just chosen my material so you are super fast, am looking forward to seeing your outfit tomorrow!

Yay!  I now have a photo!  (Not a very good one, sadly, so please forgive it.  I was late home from work, and the light was going bad and the wind was up.  And my boyfriend (aka resident photographer) was in a bad mood, which never helps!  But still, it's a photo.  :-)


(You can read more about the outfit right here if you're interested.)


My daughter fell in love with the bright pink dress with white polka dots that the girl on the TMobile commercial is wearing. Not sure if this counts since I have no idea if this dress can be purchased in the store. I bought the fabric just last weekend and plan to modify a Simplicity Circa 1972 pattern for a sundress that I wore in high school. She plans to wear it along with a pair of vintage gloves to an outdoor wedding this coming July. I'll post pics when it is complete.

I'm sewing along!  I'm knocking off a dress Betty Draper wears in Season 4 of Mad Men.    I love vintage, but I wear such a common size that there's a lot of competition on eBay and things get really pricey, or the vintage stores are picked over.  So instead of waiting for the perfect Betty dress to come along, I'm just going to make one.


I cut my pieces out last night and I'm going to start sewing tonight.

I am hoping that I will finally be able to get off the mark and join in this week. I have some lovely fifties curtain material and have chosen a very very simple pattern to give myself a chance of doing it.


I will be taking inspiration from a skirt in my favourite high street shop, Monsoon (I don't know if this is just a UK chain), where the skirts go for about £50, which I consider to be quite alot....


Hope I manage it!

So I just discovered that there is no such thing as "public albums" in Ning (the service that powers the circle). So, members can't upload their photos to the albums I have started. Here's the way we'll do it:


Once you have selected and uploaded your photo, you're taken to a screen that allows you to title the image and enter a description. There is also an option to "tag" the photo. Each theme will have a tag that you'll add to your image.


So, if you have a photo for this week's challenge, tag it "imitation."


Hope That helps

Sometimes subjects in the sewing community goes in waves! Just last friday I was writting in my blog about a trouser pattern in the Feb issue of KnipMode (Dutch sewing mag) that is *exactly* the same as the Zara pants I bought back in May. It's in Spanish but the photos are cristal clear.  Actually I was planning to copy this pants in black, so now I dont have to do a lot of pattern draft/mess. Thanks KnipMode!

A friend told me about your blog and that maybe your community of people could help solve my problem. It coincidentally works into your theme this week of imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I saw this beautiful dress on modcloth and I have been trying to find a pattern so that I can sew one for myself, but I can't seem to find a pattern anywhere.  Any recommendations would be more than appreciated. Thanks!
It's so funny that you linked to that -- this dress was one of the dresses on my short list  of inspirations for this week. I couldn't find a pattern that was a good match, however. I think with the kimono sleeves and the skirt it's a very 1940s silhouette. Anyone have an idea?
Hi, while flicking through the Vogue pattern book this morning I found Vogue V8489, which I thought looked a lot like the dress you are trying to find a pattern for.  Hope this is helpful. 

I haven't made it in the last weeks, but I wore it for the first time today, so I hope this counts for the challenge. This is my suit that was inspired by a suit by Lanvin from the 40ies:

This was my template:

Except for the topstitching, the pockets are entirely handmade.


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