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Sadly, I purchased this and made it halfway up before realizing that the cup-size on this dress was half of what I needed. I just didn't realize that the bust measurement didn't take a D cup into account and now I have a half-sewn dress with a ridiculously cut bodice.

I'm not much for fussing with pattern alteration, so I will happily mail this to someone who wants it. Cut in a size 16, for a B-cup.

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That is the PERFECT pattern for the wool my mom gave me!  Eureka!  


This isn't just any wool ... this was a piece of wool grandma got mom when mom was still in high school.

Wool gift from Mom (pic and story)

Awesome. So glad it can go to a good home. Send me your mailing address at and I'll put it in the mail before I go on holiday.

TY!  :)


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