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Is a french seam the best way to sew sheer fabric? I am going to try to sew a shirt with a very light almost sheer fabric and I think the best way to finish the edges is a french seam. However, I am a bit at a loss at how to construct the collar since you cannot use a french seam for that or can you?

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I used this technique (from "Threads" magazine) to make this little organza jacket, complete with stand collar.  It is a little time-consuming but it turned out beautifully!  This might be a good option for you, depending on the look you are going for...  Good luck! 

Thanks Alice, you did a great job on your own jacket.

I use French seams on sheer fabrics. I think it's just nicer all around. What sort of collar are you constructing? Can you encase it all with a facing?

Thanks Elizabeth, I did use French seams on the sleeves and I because this fabric is semi sheer (it is has a pattern printed on it) which I should have said in the beginning and I was able to construct the my 'classic' collar with a really close serged edged. Encasing it would have been an interesting idea that I never thought of and I have some more semi sheer fabrics that I will be working with and that could be an option.

Here are a few more seam styles that are shown by Sunni at  "A Fashionable Stitch"

Personally, I have had great results that create a single thin line seam line by making the 'self bound' seam shown here, but I usually machine stitch the edge down.  Also, I like the  'hairline' seam shown here, but I sew a straight stitch seam line first, then trim away the seam allowance to 1/4".  After that I zig zag overcast right over that cut edge.  It creates a 'rolled edge' look.

Whichever technique you choose, have fun sewing your shirt!

Thanks Jen, This were all super helpful. I chose to use the french seam but I will try some of these since I have some more semi-sheer material.


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