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I've never worked with wool crepe before, but I'm planning on using it for my next project (and hopefully the one after, if it goes well!)

I have a picture in my head of how I want the finished dress to look, but I'm unsure whether to use gathers or pleats in the skirt. It's basically between these two patterns (skirt only):

Does anyone have any advice on which would work best for the wool crepe?

Thanks in advance!

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Oooh. Good question because my MTL is going to be a wool crepe and I have never worked with it before either. I'm thinking gathers rather than pleats given the fabric consistency, but I would love to hear with some of you expert dressmakers out there.

Alot depends on the thickness and weight of that crepe.

Why not run a test piece?  On the upper corner of your yardage, sew a 6" long double row of large basting stitches  across the top edge of fabric, about 5/8" below the cut edge.  Pull the double threads up to see if the gathers are too puffy or if they do drape nicely.  

Of course! Duh, why didn't I think of that?!


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