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Hi everyone.  :-)

There are a bunch of sewing challenges appearing all over the place at the moment.  Since the Sew Weekly hasn't started up again (yet?) I thought some of you may be interested in some of the other challenges, as a way to get motivated and create some gorgeous things!  I've been compiling a list of all the ones I know about over on my blog, and will be keeping it updated.  It's got the links to the challenge pages on the blogs that are hosting them - there's everything from historical sewing, to stash busting, to polka-dot dresses.  You can see them all listed right here.

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That's great Kat, thanks!  Rescued from sewing limbo now!  Best wishes to Mena - hope you're up and running soon, not for me but for you.

Just to add to the list, Rosy over at sewingadicta.blogspot has/is doing a number of sewalongs this year - she's currently on a coat, as is Rachel over at houseofpinheiro.blogspot, who has set up a Flickr support group for anyone attempting a coat.

Awesome, thanks Diane!  I'm adding them in now.  :-)

You are so thoughtful to post these.  Thanks very much for taking the time to gather the infromation.


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