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Hello everyone, I was just thinking " Am I the only one who can't sit very long in my chair?"  and with that question it brought me to this discussion post. What do you use for your sewing chair at your machine? Does it work for you? How long can you sit with out having to call it quits?

 For myself I use a Office Desk chair / Computer chair. with pillows stuffed behind me lol . I dont think it works for me very well it did at first for  along time and now not so much. I cant sit but maybe am hour a little over if I'm lucky before I have to do some sewing stuff  like pinning,  taking out stiches etc. standing up at the table. So I think its time for a new chair for the sewing machine I will have to do some research and see what works best. :) off to google

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I have a table machine and I use a chair that I got on Freegle as part of a bundle, ie a kind gentleman let me have pretty much the full contents of his late Mum's house. It appears to be made of wood with a vinyl-covered padded seat. It works extremely well for me for long periods but I think it's the distance between the height of the machine and that of the chair.

The same chair isn't as comfy if I use it at my dining table, which has a top approx 1" higher than the sewing machine.

My first machine was plastic and I could put on the table top and it wasn't as comfortable.

I only get restless when tracing and preparing for cutting because it always takes me a long time, but I put that down to me being a beginner and trying to be accurate. And I am not even sitting, obviously!

The problem may not be the chair.  You may be bending or leaning over too far to see the machine bed.  Some people need to tip their machine forward (yes!).  Something like this slant or tip platform ( will help you to work on your machine without leaning forward as much.

As Stefania mentioned with her chair: the ratio for height is also important.  Most portable machines sit too high when they are on a table, so you have to hunch your shoulders up to get your arms higher (ug!).    Your arms should be lower.  Your elbow level is important.  This is why the old sewing machine tables were popular: that dropped the machine down to table level. 

You may want to craft a lower custom table with shorter legs than a dining table has, or raise your chair and put your presser foot up on a little box to lift it so that your legs are comfortable.  (p.s. don't use a chair with arms, they get in the way of the table and your movement).



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