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So is anyone else suffering from sewing block? I was doing so well until I had to work on costumes for my son's class play and now I have the ideas but can't seem to get them sewn. Any words of wisdom to get those projects going again?

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Scrub the bath out, then worm the cat, then weed the front nature strip, then clean out the oven, defrost the fridge and repaint the bathroom. Then think about what you would really rather be doing.


Seriously, I hope you get over this block. To quote Mark Twain "The secret of getting started is breaking your overwhelming tasks into small managable tasks, and then starting on the first one". Maybe pick the simplest of the projects and get it out of the way. Good Luck.

I hate being frustrated like this, I feel for you. I suggest something that is really really easy, and try not to do it in a rush and you may find your thinking of something new!?
Not words of wisdom at all but shopping for fabrics and patterns usually gets me back on track. usually not thinking about it n relaxing helps. Hope u get your sewing vibes back soon!
Thanks for the kick in the pin cushion:) I think I need to stop thinking about the next project until I finish the one I am on:)
I've just had a holiday week and didn't do any sewing at all.  It felt really weird not taking part in any challenge!  Have found it really hard to get going again but we now have another long weekend here in the UK and while I was watching the Royal Wedding on TV I felt like doing some cutting out and I'm back in the swing of it again.   
I'm so blocked right now :( For next week's challenge, I've already scrapped 3 unfinished skirts and made one top that I like but doesn't work well enough for the challenge -- and it's Friday! I've changed my story inspiration 3 times! Just rally through your frustration -- I know I've got to.
Also meant to say I've been totally inspired by being made a 'community highlight' with my apron!  Thank you very much Mena!
It must be spring? BTW have you been following the children book inspired outfits over at No Big Dill "Once upon a thread"'11. I know the story I want to do and now that I went to the Spanish dress exhibit at the de Young, I think my Jennie inspired (but unfinished) bolero will become my Ferdinand inspiration:)
Oh Ferdinand, that's perfect! Sounds like you have found your inspiration, Yea!
 Mena... Hope your  block is  improving.. I can only imagine that you not only have to be the FIRST one to finish a challenge, get a picture to post... and then keep the challenges going.. OOOOOH what pressure.. You are doing an excellent  job.. I just know you will  deliver  a wonderful  outfit.. You always do.. 

 Hi Shannon,

  hope your sewing feeling better. It is so frustrating  ..Sometimes..when I feel this way..I clean my sewing room and reorganize it. once I get to folding fabric, and seeing all the lovely things that I have plans for........First thing you know.. I am  all excited again..

All the time, I can easily get overwhelmed with the day-to-day stuff and never find sewing time, like my brain is on another planet.

I admit I can't keep up with every challenge (and work a full time job plus all the other daily needs), sometimes I can't make a challenge work for me (or me for the challenge) so I just take it as I can and pretty much do what Adey said, look at patterns, fabric and clothing designs and try to find a spark. I think it's okay to take time off to get your creative juices flowing. It sounds like you sew a lot, it has to be hard switching gears from costumes to you when it comes to sewing. I think just relax and roll with it. You'll get back into it!


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