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I'm guessing you love em as you are here, after all sewweekly is one sewalong a week for a year! Or is it?


I love the challenges but I can't keep up. I started actually joining in in February. But I now only do the ones I can manage. Do you think of the challenges as a sewalong?


I have also done actual sewalongs where a blogger gives you instructions and you all do the same pattern. Our own gorgeous Stevie led a really enjoyable one for a Lisette market blouse and I made a Colette ginger skirt with I just love the support, the camaraderie and seeing what others do with the same pattern.


My current sewalongs / challenges are (these fit in with sewweekly very nicely):

sewing through the decades


Colette Fall color challenge


I'd like to join this actual sewalomg but the trousers just won't look good on me:

clover sewalong


And I love the idea of this one but don't think I'll fit it in:

New Vintage Lady Plain Pattern Project


What are you joining in with? Do you like the freedom of challenges or prefer a more structured sewalong? What have you done that you enjoyed the most?


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Tee hee Amanda, sounds just like me, full of good intentions and ideas, only the time to finish some of them! If I like the sewweekly challenge I go for it but for a while I was trying to do all of them and ending up with some quite poor results (as well as stressing myself out) so now I pick more carefully. It does help to know the challenges in advance! Some of the others manage a challenge a week, they are superhuman!

I used to sign up for every sewalong I came across, but as I wasn't completing them/only doing a few, I have started to limit myself.  I try to just sign up for sewalongs of garments that I really want to make or have been planning to make.  As well as things that go along with my current sewing plans.  I'm currently doing:



Colette Fall color challenge

Casey's Circle Skirt Sewalong


Planning on doing:

clover sewalong


I'm looking forward to another jacket sewalong like last year's Lady Grey, but if one doesn't show up soon, I'll probably just start working on a jacket on my own.


I do like sewalongs but I have a problem when the posts come too slowly or infrequently.  I start to lose interest and try to just complete it without the rest of the group.  I did do Colette's spring palette sewalong and loved it - it totally inspired me to complete a lot of garments for the season and the pace was perfect.  Looking back at my blog, that was my busiest sewing time.  I'm hoping the Fall one has the same impact on me.

I am with you, I get all inspired and join up then find I can't finish, I am trying only to join stuff I can actually do!


I hope a jacket sewalong comes along soon for you.


One of the things I actually I like about sewalongs seems to be the thing that annoys you - I like it when you have to do only a small amount each time quite spaced out, then I manage it and feel all smug ;0)



I've only done one, for "the Ginger". I really liked it and learned a lot and now have 3 Gingers!

When I have a little more time I will join in on another one. I agree the weekly challenges are too much for me and kind of take the joy out of sewing (at that pace) 52 items of clothing might be a bit much!

I have two gingers following the sewalong! I am very happy the challenge themes are going up earlier now, it gives me a chance to think about it, I found before it was the thinking time I missed, I was just doing the first thing that came into my head and sometimes it was turning out really badly.


I wouldn't mind 52 items of lovely clothing, it just doesn't work out that way for me ;0)

I'm finding it's the pace of the sew weekly ones that's keeping me interested - having a week's deadline and feeling like I have to get it up by the Sunday evening is doing wonders for my motivation! :-)

I've been tempted by some of the other sewalongs, but I'm slightly scared of the slower paces of them and not being motivated enough to do them. And maybe not having time when the post comes out and getting behind as a result.

I'm going to try the fall sew along though, only with a spring palette. Focussing on just a few complimentary colours and making things that actually work together will probably be good for my mis-matched wardrobe!

Items that work together - what a great idea, if I just do sewweekly challenges I end up with alot of stuff that doesn't match! However, what I really like about the sewweekly challenges is I make things I never thought of and push myself to do new things. But unlike you I can find the deadlines too stressy.


Glad you are doing the spring / fall palette (!), can't wait to see what you come up with x

I've made the rule of : If it fits in with what I want to sew, or is on my todo list then all well and good! If not I'm not joining in because I tend to put to much pressure on myself and errrr I though this was supposed to be fun!
That's a good rule, I stopped doing them all because you are so right - it  is for fun!
I agree. great rule.. Having fun is what we are suppose to be doing...
I agree, often people tend to be hard on themselves for what they don't get to finish.
That's a great philosophy. I try to make sure it's something that's already on my list, or tweak it slightly so that it does fit in, but sometimes I give into the peer pressure of wanting whatever it is that's being made.  For ex: Casey's Circle Skirt Sewalong. It was on my 'to do list' but now since they're doing the sewalong, I decided now would be the perfect time to do it.  I'm just going to make it fit into my Fall collection. :)


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