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I'm not quite sure I understand how the privacy settings for this website  work. For example if I tick the box ' my photos, blog etc can be used by 'everyone' does that mean everyone who is a member of this site or everyone on the Internet?Apolgies if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I'd appreciate some advice about the privacy settings.

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Hi Judy,


I'm not sure what the implications are if you click that box. You might want to send Mena an email to find out. Please let me know too. I think this is a really good question, very valid!



 Im not sure either.. but I too would really like to know.. I havent thought about it before..
It is my understanding that this site is built off Ning and that the privacy setting work much the same way they do on FB or any other social network i.e. if you say anyone, it means anyone, if you say friends, it means only friends. That said, there are some basic restrictions to the shared area as opposed to our personal pages i.e. I can look at most things without logging in, but can not comment / post until I authenticate as a member of the group. I hope this helps.
Thank you all for your replies. I've noticed that we can share each other's pages and photos on Facebook without permission. I don't think I like that! I have no idea how that can be changed, though. Apart from all that, I like this website very much and I do hope Mena, the owner, can explain the privacy issues to us.
I never thought about it. Good question ! Please let me know the answer , ok. xx
It looks as if we have a spammer on this website which is a shame. Please could Mena let us know what is happening with privacy - it would be a pity for this site to be spoiled. I wrote to her a while ago about privacy issues but unfortunately I didn't get a reply.

I noticed the same thing (spammer).


Sorry you received no reply on your query. I too would love to know.


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