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Is anyone going to watch this tonight?  I know we were disappointed with the last season but I know what some of these designers can do.  Just hope the challenges are good. 

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I am watching but I'm not sure I'll keep watching its just not that interesting without the judges and especially without Tim. I feel like the producers kind of shot themselves in the foot this season like they did when they tried to move to LA the first season on lifetime

I could not believe the end of last season. Even my guy, who has no experience in sewing, goes "How is she she going to do anything if she can't even put a sleeve on?" AND her line that just came out is uber disappointing.

We are going to watch it. I hope this season redeems itself.

I forgot to set it up on the dvr so I think that means I'm not meant to watch this season.  I keep being disappointed and irritated with people so I think I'll skip it.  Especially if there's no Tim!

WHAT?! There is no Tim? I am sad. I may have to take it OFF my DVR.

nope and Heidi, Nina and Michael aren't on this season either

Ok. Well, I have yet to watch my dvr'd so now I am set up to majorly DISLIKE.

I made this little discovery after the last season. You can watch the latest episode one day after it airs on lifetime, here's the link and no commercials, just the episode whenever you want to watch it, kinda sweet.

I'm sure at some point I will watch it just cause it's fun and a lot of the people featured are pretty amazing. Maybe they don't need the judges although those personalities certainly added to the show.

Thanks for the reminder that the next season has started!

I had no idea that Tim and the other judges wouldn't be there.  What a disappointment.  I of course fell asleep and woke up halfway through only to fall back to sleep.  Thanks for the link Cathe.  I'll try to watch and get caught up. 

Hey Ladies,

I watched it and I really enjoyed it…maybe I'm a PR junkie (not maybe, I am…). I love Joanna Coles as the mentor and the judges are really good. Agree it's not the same without Heidi and Tim but I love seeing (most) of these designers again and the prize is really big.

There is some super talent here. I'm kind of excited to see how it plays out and for the really talented designers, it will be interesting to see how they push to the next level.

My favorites are Mondo, Austin and Rami. I'm curious to see how Kenley does, her voice drives me crazy but she has a really great eye for a vintage style. Who are you loving or hating?

I agree with you Cathe about the awesome talent. Usually on all PR challenges there is at least 1-2 that are not done, are falling apart, etc. Yes, there were some questionable designs but I thought they were all quite good.

I just do not get the warm-and-fuzzies from this mentor that I did with Tim, but maybe that is the point.

I can not wait until next week.

I agree, Joanna is much more business minded, but being EIC at a fashion magazine I would think you would be hard wired that way. I thought her advice was really good and made the designers come to their own conclusions were sometimes I thought Tim's direction might have been too leading. Tim is a lovely warm man for sure.

OMG I just watched the third episode .. I can NOT believe Nila got to stay! I really think Jordanna should have stayed. This is one judge decision that I do not agree with. Usually I am happy in 100% cahootz with them.

I am happy Austin got to stay *phew* he's my total fave.


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