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I am making my first print at home pattern and I am wondering about cutting. Do most folks trim down the pattern first with paper scissors before they cut the fabric with their good scissors or just do both at the same time. I am always trying so hard to keep my fabric scissors away from regular paper I was not sure what to to. Thoughts anyone?

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Shannon this is such a good question. Cutting out patterns is my achilles heel, it makes me just a little crazy. I have come to the point where I cut out the pattern to the line, I can be too anal about this. Then I use weights to hold the pattern to fabric and use a small rotary cutter. This has been my best system so far and gives me the most exact cut.
Thank you Cathe. Just wondering what brand of rotary cutter you like. I have one but it does not work well for me and I keep thinking I just have the wrong one for the task.
It's an Olfa rotary cutter, the wheel is roughly 1" wide, so it's small. I first tried a larger one and really had problems with it but the small head seems to work magic for me.
I usually trim down the pattern first with paper scissors, pin the pattern to the fabric (if the fabric is not too fragile otherwise I use weights just like Cathe does) and then cut the fabric.
Ditto for me! I use my paper scissors to trim out the fabric - I don't want to dull my fabric scissors on the thick printer paper.
Basically the same as the other two for me Shannon, trimmed down first with paper scissors then fabric with good shears. I never ever cut paper with my fabric shears, not tissue patterns either!
I'm with the general consensus here, cut to the line then cut out the fabric, although I now trace the pattern first (takes a bit longer but I have the original one intact in-case I want to make it again in a different size).  I use my rotary cutter but only for straight lines at the moment, can't seem to get the hang on curves with it, maybe I need a smaller one?
I would trim the paper pattern to size, lay it on the fabric with weights/rulers on it and then draw around it with tailors chalk, remove the pattern and finally cut the fabric using shears.  This is how tailors do it on the 'Row'.


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