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Awhile back, there were all sorts of meet-ups going on all over the place. A pattern swap always seems to be part of these meet-ups. I've never been invited to one, but I'm thinking, if people were interested, we could do an internet pattern swap!  As such, I'm thinking about hosting a pattern swap on my blog sometime in May (maybe for my birthday). I have a couple of questions to throw out there to help me prepare.

This could either be done as a blind swap, or as a matched-up swap. This is how I currently see these two scenarios playing out:


Each person participating could send me their name and description of the pattern they'd like to swap. Participants would post to their blogs a little blurb that they're participating and post a picture of the pattern. I would then match people by pulling names out of a hat and you mail your pattern off to whomever you're matched with. This does not mean that you would be receiving a pattern from the same person (i.e. Mary sends a pattern to Beth, who in turn is matched with Kate). There's no gaurantee that you'll get a pattern you like/want/can use. Admittedly, this is the easier of the two methods. 


This version involves a bit more organization and information. I could match up people based on pattern size. Each participant would send me their name, pattern size they're swapping, pattern size they'd like to receive (I say swap/receive because some may have too-small patterns they'd like to set free into the world in exchange for a pattern that may fit better). Post a blurb on your blog saying you're participating, etc. You wouldn't necessarily be paired with the person whom you are sending/receiving a pattern to/from. 

In this version, there's potential to maybe submit your top 3-5 pattern choices in the hopes of getting  a pattern you want/have been eyeballing. There's also potential that someone's pattern goes un-loved... which could lead to icky feelings. 

So here's my questions:

  1. Is anybody interested?
  2. Thoughts on which version--blind or matched-up swap--would work better? 
  3. Thoughts on how to finesse the process?

Thanks ladies. Happy sewing! 

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Hey guys. 

I looked over Kat's swap from last year and I think I'm going to do it the same way with maybe a little bit more direction for the participants as I'd love for everyone to get a pattern that they adore.  

I think I'll be posting this later in the week (Thursday/Friday), and we'll  give people a week to sign up. 

I'm kinda excited for this! I LOVE getting stuff in the mail and I LOVE sending stuff!  

Sounds good.  Just let us know when you're ready.  :)

Hey guys... just a heads up. I've decided to run this pattern swap right now! I'll take sign-ups until April 1st. More details here


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