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Just wondering if many/any of you are pinterest users? I find it such a useful tool for my sewing/fabric/pattern ideas and would love to connect with any of you who are on there. (If you want to be on there, I have invitations to give away too)......


I can be found under Madam Eliza's Sewing and Other Miss Adventures - if you follow me, I'll definitely follow you back!



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Hi Megan,


I'm all over Pinterest. I find it an extremely useful tool and spend too much time there. I consider it a healthy addiction that feeds the inspiration soul. I admit I cast a pretty wide net of visuals.


I will look you up for sure! I'm just Cathe J.…I know, how original!

I'm there as veronicadarling, I find it a great way to block out ideas each week for my sew weekly, but to save up my house ideas... I'm hoping to have a wonderful kitchen in the future (one where I don't have to open the freezer door to then open the oven door! Errr!)

I love going there for a look, but havent joined up yet - it is yummy! It's nice to see someone else into quilts - I have made one - and have started my second - should be doing it now since it's winter, but instead I am doing a summer dress!



Too funny, my earlier comment didn't "hold" so I'm a big blank!

I'm a big fan of pinterest and find it's my go to when I just need a break, which appears to be often. I cast a pretty wide net of inspiration that goes beyond sewing. I'm under cat he j., I know, how original!
iPad has a way of wanting to correct my spelling and for the most part it's greatly appreciate as spelling does not fall under my "core competencies" (business speak) my name on pinterest is cathe j.
Hello Megan and Cathe, I would like to join pinterest - could you invite me please? I'll be very grateful! my email is if that helps, not sure what you need to invite me.... ;0)
Hi Charlotte. Done!
Thank you!

Ok Megan, I have to stop for the evening but what fun, I can see myself spending hours on pinterest, thank you x

Yup. It's incredibly addictive :)

I love pininterest too. I love the way I can save things into different catagories - so I have my coat ideas, dress ideas etc.  When I have a sewing room of my own I hope to print out a load of them for an inspiration board.  Although by the time I get one I may have the technology to have my categories on screen on the wall instead!

I'm plain old "Tracy Davis" if anyone wants to take a look.

hello Tracy, I tried to find you but there are 5 Tracy davis and I don't know which one is you, I have discounted one because she is fron Austin, Tx. What is your profile pic of?


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