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I am so excited to tell you all about a swap that myself and Rachel are hosting.

here is a link to both of our blogs

The low down is a pin cushion or needle-case swap, open to everyone. we are having tutorials, give away, guest post galore and we would love you to join in. Here is a little housekeeping

1.   Anyone can join this swap, it’s open for internationally.You don’t have to have a blog to join.
2.   Please send your name address and email address to me at houseofpinheiro(at)hotmail(dot)com  or to Charlotte at charlottepowellbrooks (at) gmail(dot)com by May 21st 2012.
 It would be nice if you could add a little introduction to yourself, including your blog name if you have one, so your swap buddy can drawn inspiration from.
3.   You will then receive the details of your swap buddy by May 26thIf not, let us know.
4.   You are free to make pin cushions or needle cases or any variation that keep your pins and needles tidy. Want to make it a little kit. Feel free to spoil your swap buddy.
5.   The only 'MUST' rule is that you need make the item(s) yourself and use fabrics and notion from your stash (Lets de-stash your fabric scrap boxes, girls.)
You are free to buy felt or emery sand as those materials help keep your pins and needles sharp.
6.   Please have your pin cushion finished and posted to your swap buddy by June 5th
We have great plans to help your ‘stash burst’ projects until the big reveal review on June 23rd.

Tempting don't you agree!

Please join us it will be so much fun, after all that stash busting this year we know you have piles of scraps to use up!

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Oh yes, I'd love to take part in this.  I have a little bit of spare time at the moment.


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