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Hi ladies! As Rachel suggested, here's a new forum with the pattern swap rules so you can all find them easily. :-)

- please send your pattern within two weeks of getting the address for your swap buddie
-if you feel like it, feel free to add something Christmassey, like Judy suggested

- once you get your pattern upload a photo and tag it 'patternswap'
- when you upload it, please include the name of who sent it to you so ee can all see who sent to who
- when you've made something up using the pattern, upload a photo of it and tag it 'patternswap'
- if you can try to make something using your new pattern within six weeks of getting it (feel free to use it for a sew weekly theme if it works out!)

Have fun! :-)

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Thanks Kat - I can't wait to see if my swap partner likes what I sent x
now begins the really exciting bit!

Im so excited. I just got on the post the pattern I am sending, so tomorow Mrs Postman will send my parcel away ! Ahhh So love the idea of sending presents as we kind of feel we know each other as old friends !


Thanks Kat, you are a great leader for this projects ! I think we should send u a little "thank you" gift.




Ok, just posted up a photo of my beautiful things!


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