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I'd love to try to make this look
























Any ideas on which pattern to use? 

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I thought of Butterick 5211 

Just cut the bodice piece? 

Good call; I think I can modify this with an elastic waist. :)
I would even say this could be manageable without a pattern.  It looks like its only a retangular piece of a drapeable lightweight fabric gathered with a single piece of elatic the waist.
I tried it with muslin with abysmal results; I think I just got the yoke wrong?
I think if you cut the fabric this way it could work. Before you sew the shoulder seams, you would have to lay two of the top pieces rightsides facing each other and then sew the yoke an turn it inside out. Sorry if this makes no sense at all sewing was never a topic in my english lesson....
THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much, Nora!


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