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So I'm trying to get my sewing room in some sort of order and I have all my doll clothign patterns in folios by size, but the 'me 'patterns are all just in an open tote. What do you do ? 

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Hi Anne,

  I have pattern boxes.. They hold a pretty good bit of patterns. I bought mine at  Hancock Fabrics.they were $2.00 . They  are cardboard, and you can write the pattern numbers,names,etc on the outside of the box. I have several of them, So I can  sort patterns by sizes, types,etc. Works great for me.

 and...I recyled a washing powder box [the big ones with the handles. 80 wash load size.].I painted it , inside and out.. Decopodged pretty paper, ribbons, buttons ,etc and it was really pretty.. Patterns fit perfect in it. exact size of the patterns.. This box sits out in my sewing room, and holds the newest patterns...that I am intending on working on.

  Hope you find a solution.. Happy Sewing, Judy

That sounds lovely- I'm tired of hiding them- that would do very well!

Hi Anne


Judy posted a similar discussion awhile back called "How to Put Away Patterns" there were some good ideas there.  I can't work out how to link back to it, but if you put "put away patterns" in the search bar it will pop up quickly.



I'm Sorry- I didn't know it had already been asked.
Don't be sorry!  Hopefully it will have some useful hints for you - and as there are new members all the time, you will gather other ideas from this new post.
I have mine in store brand diaper boxes.  They are the exact width of a typical pattern envelope, you can fold the tops closed and stack them..... but they do look terrible under my sewing table.  I've been trying to think of a better solution.  I'll check out the older thread too.
you could cover the  diaper boxes with nice contact (do you know what I mean?) or fabric, then they would look nice and neat under your sewing table.
Mine are all just in a wire basket, but what I did do was purchase ziplock bags in two sizes (not including the ones I put my Burda magazines in) and have put every pattern into its own bag. Definitely don't have to worry so much about losing pieces anymore.
I think I need to shop for decoupage and ziploc bags- possible for every project!
oh I'm so lazy, just a pile in a box. I love the feeling of riffling though them though, just like finding something from a bootfair, all over again.!


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