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I have a newsletter sent to me every so often from my favorite online sewing shop and today they have announced a 50% off sale on McCall's Patterns, which got me thinking (apart from the "Ooooh how many can I afford") does everybody know when such a great sale is going on?


So I've decided to share it so everybody (Ok probably not eveybody, maybe just us UK people) knows and can have the opportunity to save some pennies.


The website is



The sale is on until the 16th May and I've also just noticed that they extended their 50% Simplicity sale until 30th April. Amazing!



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I have just ordered patterns from  They regularly have patterns from the big pattern companies on sale for $2.99.  Now patterns are expensive down here in the land of OZ, so I jumped at it this week when Simplicity were on sale.  I got 8 patterns and postage for US$40.00.  The postage scale was $6.95 for first pattern and $1.75 (I think) for each pattern thereafter (that's to my end of the world) - so for me, this is a great cheap way of building up my pattern stash.  Check it out.
Oooh I'll have to check that one out, I think its nice to know where there are discounted patterns, especially when you need to build up your pattern stash, like I do.  Although it is a bit better since I stumbled upon some £0.80 patterns in my local market! No envelopes but the pattern and the instructions for 80p I couldn't pass it up, I've even made a couple too :)
Hey Debbie, thanks for sharing the sight..I just went there..its great..I had already told myself..NO MORE pattern purchases...but oooooooooooooooooh..cant resist..ha
thanks Kirsty... I feel a splurge coming on!
Me too, although I've not decided which ones to get yet

oh lovely, this is bound to interupt my non buying policy!

Oops :)


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