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A while back, I acquired a whole bunch of vintage patterns (yay!), a mix of styles from the 60's through to the 90's, and after going through them there are a few I don't want.  So then I thought, even if I don't want them, maybe some of the lovely Sewing Circle girls will?   I'm going to take some pics of some of them this weekend and post them on here - if you'd like any of them, let me know and I'll send them your way.  :-)   (Word of warning - some of them are VERY 1980's!  But maybe one of you can do something with them that I can't!)

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its lovely !!!


Me please!  I think I could fit in this one after all, seeing as it's oversized.
Sweet as, it's yours!  :-)  Email me your address and I'll get pop it in the post to you.  (Great to see some of these go to new homes!)
Kat this is a great idea! Unfortunatley I'm a little scarred of the 80s, its an era that should be wiped of the earth!! All the same a really kind, and I may jump on the band waggon and do the same. x x x
Actually, if no-one wants this, I might fit into it if it's loose fitting. Would be happy to send you something in return. I'll sort through my stuff.
It's the Butterick 6578 from 1988 size 6-14 I'm interested in Kat but my replies aren't coming out underneath the pattern!
This is so nice of you! Unfortunately, 80's does not agree with me, but it's such a kind thought! x

Just to let everyone know I'm having a giveaway on my Blog of 4 Patterns new and vintage, as well as a vintage sewing magazine to celebrate my 50 followers!

Please feel free to come and have a look if your interested! I will be closing the giveaway on Thursday the 7th of April and drawing the winner on the Friday!


Here's a few more from my stash that want to go to new homes.  :-)


First up: Butterick 5657.  I don't know when this is from, but it looks late 70's - early 80's with those ruffles and the long, skinny model drawings.


Size: waist 64cm


Anyone want it?   I reckon this would look pretty cute made up.  :-) 

i do aswell, shame its to small for me.
I would totally make these skirts!  But the waist measurement is tiny.  I'd have to add 3 inches.  Also the shipping to Brooklyn would probably be expensive.  I'm visiting family in Germany soon; would shipping there be less?

Here's another one needing a new home.  Butterick 6703 from 2000.


Close fitting, lined, straight dress, above mid-knee or mid-knee, has back zipper/slit.  Either with or without a collar.  Short or below-elbow sleeves.


Size 6-8-10 (bust 30.5 - 31.5 - 32.5)



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