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I'm curious to know what other sewing you all do in and around Sew Weekly Challenges.  As you have probably guessed - I do a little dance costume sewing for my girls and their studio - which really pushes my creativity and skills (as does Sew Weekly).   I also do the odd quilt (although not so much these days). 


What else are you working on - do share!

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ha ha ha ha ha (hollow laughter), no time no time, no other sewing, I am not even managing to do the challenges at the moment! I'm on it for this week though ;0)


some crochet in front of the tv though.... x

Yea.yea.yea.. proud to hear your  sewing. missed you.. Been thinking about you..

I keep sewing, in addition to the challenges.  Often for my daughter, sometimes some extra stuff for me.  I used to quilting more, and do more crafty things but lately i love making clothes more than anything else, so that is what I do!  

It is purely a hobby, and i don't like making things for other people or to sell or's just for me!

well.. I'm not getting much else done. I've done some hemming.. finished some curtains for my daughters playroom. (well, it was hemming ready mades from ikea, and then using the cut off part to make one extra set. That extra window was bare for a while!) oh and my dummy is dressed in a half finished ufo that's been staring at me while I work on other things! I did manage to make this little skirt out of scraps for a friends daughters 2nd birthday. (My husband had arranged a playdate and then just a couple of hours before - on easter monday. ie. shops shut - that it was her birthday. arrrggghhh!) I love how it turned out, so maybe I'll do more.
Super cute skirt! Little ones are fun to sew for, they love most everything too!
Cute..cute... the pocket just made it..[I too hate the last minute...oh no ,I have to have a present and no stores available.ooooh..]
This is so cute - great gift idea (wonder if I have time to do a few of these for my craft stall in June???)

I hadn't thought about it for your craft stall. Neat idea! -  All I did for the base skirt was take the rectangular scrap I had, put in one seam and run elastic through the top. Was a total guess on the sizing... and turns out it was perfect. Looked so cute on her. yay!

Sad to say, these challenges are taking up all my sewing time, and even then I have to schedule it in!  Eek!


I've been trying my hand at making children's clothing (lots of friends are having or have had their first child in the past year), and my craft group does regular craft swaps so I make things for those as well, but the Sew Weekly challenges take up about 95% of my available sewing time at the moment!  (It's great discipline, having to schedule it all in, though!  :-)

I don't exclusively do Sew Weekly, I wish I could fit it all in every week! But I try to make myself stuff to wear as often as possible. I'm currently trying to make my wardrobe more exiting and wearable. Filling gaps with handmade stuff so I can do my first Me Made Month in June!

I'm trying really hard to make seperates like tops, trousers, cardigans and skirts but I love making dresses so they keep creeping back now and again...


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