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I'm curious to know what other sewing you all do in and around Sew Weekly Challenges.  As you have probably guessed - I do a little dance costume sewing for my girls and their studio - which really pushes my creativity and skills (as does Sew Weekly).   I also do the odd quilt (although not so much these days). 


What else are you working on - do share!

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Hi Debbie,

    I sew some for my 4 grandaughers ,while doing my SW challenges. I love seeing thier excitement of'

the new outfits, and the twirling and  happiness.

   This week, I have a big challenge. We had some pretty bad tornados all around us this past week.And the death total is now 343, and more people unaccounted for. So sad..Anyway, my goal this week, is to make 15-20 pillowcase dresses to send to some of the victims ,who lost everything... I cut out  12 last night, and today will start the sewing process.

        I also embroider on my embroidery machine...making curtains, table runners,  tshirts,etc.. Love this hobby


      I love to make quilts too.But havent done that in  awhile..Right now...I am just enjoying Sew weekly so much.It really makes me "sew for me"..the first time in my life.yea.

Terrible things - glad you're ok.
Thankyou... One hit about 2 miles from my house..It looked like a war scary.. But thank one hurt.
Glad you're ok Judy. 2011 is panning out to be the year of natural disasters! scary stuff.
Thankyou Casey.. Fine here..  But surrounding towns were really hit hard.. it is very scary.

So terrible to hear about the tornados!  It really is turning into a year of natural disasters, isn't it?!  :-(


Glad to hear you're safe!  And good on you for doing so much sewing to help!

Judy I am so glad you are ok and that the tornados missed you.  Mother Nature is certainly showing us just how destructive she can be this year - is she trying to tell us something??? 


I am sure all the dresses you sew will be so greatly appreciated.

quilts, scrafs,amigurimis,+ non textiles arts...

I seen to haveat least 5 projects on the go... and never quite like finishes them before starting a new one.. its always something else I wanna do !

Somehow I get funny requests at work to create "things" for different (photo) shoots. Recently I created a monkey to be used as a prop for a print ad. He needed to look handmade, something a toddler could carry around and love. This is not really part of my job but somehow I have gotten wrangled into making critters (happily), there's been bunnies, lambs, owls, bears, elephants, monkey…


I make lots of little gifts like zippered pouches, decorative pillows, flower pins and quilts, table mats and runners too. Busy hands!

I've been making my own curtains and have finished them all apart from one which is a 'window treatment' rather than pull across curtains.  I've been so busy with Sew Weekly that it remains undone - I've got the fabric ready though.  I also like to do tapestry and used to cross stitch, but I've had enough of that now.
you are busy! The props sound fun!
 Wow...what a talented lady!!!! 


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