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so!  me and my big organizing mouth will be in CANADA for the new york gatsby picnic...  


the questions are:


1. is anyone still up for an NY gatsby?

2. if it's on sept 10/11, would anyone want to take over organizing? 




3. if we wait till sept 24/25, i'm happy to organize a belated gatsby.


holla! :)))

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how cool! if we wait until i get back, you'll have to give me park advice :)))


i hope you're enjoying brooklyn! maybe i'll catch you in the garment district today (bday shopping for my sis in law, so i couldn't make MPB day).

that sounds wonderful! it says it's a quiet zone-- are we okay to have a group there? "no organized active recreation allowed" got me worried.  i leave it to the expert!!


i didn't spot anyone, but i saw from your comment we were an hour ahead of you. rats!

Hey!  I am in Canada!  do it here instead...
where?! i'll be in banff...

If you move it to the 25th, I can likely make it. I can do the 11th, but it's a crazy day to try with it being the 10th anniversary AND I can't really organize it myself. I'm only partly familiar with the area.


(I can't do the 24th because of another wedding I'm attending.)


Thanks! (and have fun in Canada!)

good to know! we'll figure it out...

okay y'all, NY gatsby looks to be falling apart at the seams! 


how interesting that expression seems now that i sew.


BUT! if you can, save this date: friday september 30th, and get your booty to NY.  full details tomorrow on several blogs of peeps you know... who are traveling quite a ways to have a full day of hijinks!!!

RATS. well... announcement coming on sunday. i wish you could join us!!!!
oh, delay, delay!!! i just put up the links :))

oh how i hope you guys can come......


announcements here at meg the grand's joint

and at debi's happy sewing place

and over in kalkatroona!


join debi, meg, me and mena for a day of new york fun if you can!  there's even a theme (mais oui.)  you can email me at oonaballoona(at)gmail(dot)com for details!


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