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Does anyone know what is happening with SW next year?  I was invited to join as a contributer for 2012 in March last year, but the registration page allows said that registrations weren't allowed at this time.  It still said that when I tried about a week ago.  I'm quite happy to sew along again, but don't even know if there will continue to be weekly challenges anymore.

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I'd like to continue and be a part of SW, even though I've only been involved in a small way this year.    It's been quite a big part of life during the past two years and I've made so many 'virtual' friends.  So , like you, yes, I'm wondering what's happening.  Have even been speaking to Judy about exactly the same thing!  Here's hoping!

OK, the suspense is here is just killing me... I generally avoid "me-too" type replies, but man, ditto to all of this!  We are rounding into Week 52.

I have enjoyed what I was able to follow along with and am looking forward to challenges in 2013 as well.  Has anyone found out about the 2013 future of this challenge?

Just to let people know I've just spotted a note on twitter that Mena's grandfather died on Christmas Eve and she's understably finding it difficult to find the energy to upload we might just have to wait a little longer and give her time to see what's happening in 2013.

thanks for updating us. My heart is sad that she is going through the loss of her grandfather.

Thanks Tempest.  Sending prayers to Mena and her family.

Thank you Tempest.


 I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Just want you to know, I am praying for you and

your family, May God bless each of you.


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