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I'm late in getting the newsletter out so I wanted to give you a heads-up on the theme for next week. We're getting our inspiration from television characters (of the past and present).  Here's a good list for inspiration:


And as tempting as it might be, try to refrain from using Mad Men. :) We'll have a Mad Men challenge later in the year and I don't want it to be *too* easy right now. 

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ooh, ooh, ooh... I think I know who I can do.  If I can get my act into gear LOL
OHH I just love Mad men and sex and the City !!! 
Aww no! *fake horror* I'm going to have to go fabric shopping for what I'm thinking of making! ;)
Oooh this is perfect, I've been meaning to make something from How I Met your Mother for a while now, best get cracking with the Kidding Around challenge and then I can start. Excited! :)
This is a great idea, and I actually have a folder on my desktop labelled "ideas + screenshots", which I grabbed from TV shows and films!
Amanda... If they come up with Wonder husband would LOVE to see it.. Back in our day.. wonder woman was the "woman'..hahaha. He thought she was great...
Have you seen the new wonder woman? She's definitely not as good, plus the pictures I've seen made me think she's going to fall out, if you know what I mean...
Well, the first season or two of Wonder Woman was during the war (WWII I think) so it has some cool things to make. I think is is also when she went home to the island of the Amazons
I checked out the link you provided, pretty funny, very 70s! It's all coming back to me, WW ran around in what appears to be a one piece bathing suit with lots of gold accents.
I remember that... so funny.. Kenny and I were just newly married..He just loved her..hahaha
I did have a wonder women out fit and doll, but that was some time ago now!!
I remember the TV show around 1975 with Lynda Carter. She was pretty awesome and wore really cool bracelets. Have I dated myself or what?!


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