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Those who get the SW newsletter would have seen that next week's theme is all about being inspired by childhood photos of ourselves. I thought I'd start a thread where we can post these photos (not just the ones that we're going to use for the challenge). I'll get started.


And yes, my daughter, Penelope, looks just like me. :)

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I had the perfect plan...I would take the pattern of my 6th grade graduation dress (Vogue 1304 from 1994: : view A ), which was originally lovingly made my my mom in a green and purple floral rayon I'd chosen myself.   I'd even asked her to add a ruffle on the flounce, but she refused.   It ended up being frumptastic, but I loved it.  So I though I'd use the bodice pattern to make a cute crepe work blouse. 

BUT I wanted to be good and finish my latest project before starting in...and of course that has turned out to be a complete disaster.  I had even dyed lace to match the stovetop dyed and overdyed fabric!  So no cute blouse, and a mess of a dress that I still have to complete.   So sad!  Maybe this week will bring better sewing luck.

So sorry Morgan...  We all have them week..Hope this next week..brings happy sewing..


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