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Hey Ladies,


Those who get the SW newsletter would have seen that next week's theme is all about being inspired by childhood photos of ourselves. I thought I'd start a thread where we can post these photos (not just the ones that we're going to use for the challenge). I'll get started.


And yes, my daughter, Penelope, looks just like me. :)

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cute pictures .thankyou for sharing.

Okay, this is embarrassing, but here goes.  All of these are dresses that my mother made me.

I am the smaller girl in the gingham dress.

I vividly remember designing this dress myself, and telling my mother exactly how I wanted it to look.  It was a pink on white rose pattern fabric with cotton lace trim.  The red turtleneck is a nice touch, isn't it?  (Canada is cold).

I loved this dress - a sun dress with a little matching bolero jacket made out of a Smurf print fabric.  Again, worn with a turtleneck.  (I confess, i do this to my kids now.  Canada is cold).

hi Farah, I just find the smurf bolero too cute!!!
My daughter LOVES to wear dresses too but Denmark's cold too (not as cold as some places in Canada though) so I also put her in longsleeves T's and turtlenecks before putting on her dress
How cute.

These are all SO adorable!!

Here are some of mine :) I can't get over that pom pom dress!


Cute the long dress
Thanks Judy :) I can't remember if mum made that, I've got to ask her when I see her on monday.

The floral blouse and patchwork skirt I remember wearing all the time. My Grandma made the skirt and I think the blouse would have been a hand me down.

Those are pebbles flintstone sandles on my feet in the next one! and what appears to be a doily on my head.

Mum made the two strawberry dresses. I remember vividly wearing the last one to my first day of kindy, and some kid threw mud at me. I told my mum I was never going back there... and so she never took me back. awwww! some things you never forget! (and now I realise why my own daughter really hates getting dirty! - what a couple of little princesses!)

Well Miss Casey, you are  a very cute girl and you were an adorable  child..Loved the pictures.thankyou.

Mena.. cute,cute,cute.. and yes Penelope  looks just like  you.. [everyone says my daughter looks

just like me too]


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