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For the first time, we're letting an accessory dictate our outfits. With Easter and a Royal Wedding coming up, what better way to celebrate than with a glorious hat?  Next week's challenge is all about creating a dress to go with a particularly cheerful hat.


(I should have the newsletter out some time before tomorrow morning)

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Casey's hat is beautiful! I really love the hats in Mary Engelbreit's Queen of Easter.  Secretly, I really love Ann Estelle! :)
that hat is too cute!
Just to clarify. Although you're welcome to, you don't need to make your hat yourself. :)
Wow..thanks... Didn't see myself , making a hat..whew!!!!lol
I found the perfect hat for me on Etsy *swoon*  I can't quite decide on the dress/fabric to use, so I'm having a poll on my blog. :)
Love your new hat.I voted..but it sure was hard to decide.. Loved all the fabrics and the patterns. Cant wait to see who wins out.
Thanks so much for voting! It's really exciting to see the votes come in. I should do this more often!
I also voted ! Happy sewing !
Thank you!
hat is beautifull, Ive also done the poll, good luck

If you are thinking about making a hat, here is a fabulous vintage hat pattern for free!!


vintage bowler hat


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