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The newsletter is late this week so I'll announce the theme here....


UFOs, Part II.


Simple theme to give us all a little break. :)

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Thank god for that I have so many UFO's right now that need sorting. I could have a whole new wardrobe by next week! (Hah as if!)
Oh brilliant!  That's a great follow-on from the Refashionista theme.  I've got so many UFO's sitting there waiting to be completed, yay now I'll (hopefully) power through a bunch of them!  :-)
Thank heavens, because I'm up to my ears in UFOs (literally, since they are piled on top of my bookshelf, and are about ear height :)
Oh hey, you too?
Yay! It's time to get out of my sewing cave some UFOs . Mena, thanks!


I have so many of them that I have been apprehensive about starting anything new

Nice! I'm on it. Off to sort through my UFO bin. Lol. 
Oh! This is the extra push I need to get another UFO finished! I literally cut out all of the pieces, and then abandoned it because another project called out to me.  I think I have sewing ADD.
Well, I just sorted all of my 'planned' projects. Does actually making one of them count for a UFO? And do others have this problem?
Because I had already cut out the pattern and the fabric about an hour before the new UFO theme went up, I'm classifying my garment this week as a UFO. Planning is part of the making so it works for me.
I have a bib-overalls from the 1930's  that I started for my daughter. Its in a LOUD print and I'm thinking its just the thing for going horseback riding (summer camping trip + 1.5 hour guided tour on horseback through the Appalachians).
Good idea!  I have a lot of them...


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