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I'm sorry guys that I didn't get the newsletter out this week -- my week was thrown off. This week's theme is "Don't judge a pattern by its cover." We will attempt to make attractive garments from very unattractive pattern (envelopes).


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I agree, the top left. I think it has the most potential to change from ugh to modern and fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Oh I can't wait to see the ideas you all come up with for this theme.  It is Monday morning and last weeks theme is still up so I sure hope all is okay but just a bit behind.  Saying a prayer for you just in case.
I like this theme, so many times have someone made something lovely from what looked rather weird  pattern cover!
that's funny, I usually do the opposite: make something weird from a perfectly nice pattern! ha ha
ha ha ha, thats SOOOO NOT true!!

why thank you, you are very kind (and diplomatic!) x

You are funny.....Everything I have seen...has been oh tooo cute.. Havent seen any of the "weird" ones.. Wish you could have been with me today... I went to Tupelo [Hancock Fabrics]..oh wow.... they were having a remodeling sale.. 3 tables of fabrics  at 1.00 yd...[some of the bolts were  like $9-10 yd regularly]  yep...I was SO naughty !!!!!!!!  With all the patterns i have been buying , and now  all this fabric... I may have to go on a  BIG food..ha,ha

can not wait to see what your planning to make with all that fabric!
I am going to post a picture today of my finds...[Patterns haven't came yet...waiting anxiously!!    I couldn't sleep last excited..ha
That doesn't sound too naughty Judy - that sounds like a steal. Well done you! I wish I had been there too, sounds fabulous. At that price you could afford to not bother with the diet and just buy nore material for bigger sizes! Eat more! xx

Yep Charolette,

  It was a real fine... I NEVER EVER run into those kind of bargains... I bought 60 yds...But you know..I already  have "lots" of fabric in my I really didnt 'need'  it.. However..when I went through my old stash... I really didnt have alot of  4-5 yd peices.. [what you most of the time need for a dress]. Mostly, I had been buying for the grandkids and it is smaller amounts.. Anyway...that's how I justified myself..ha

  Now...dont tell me to eat more...I have been dieting for a month now [really SLOW progress,ha].  [Getting plum embrassed having to buy those BIG vintage patterns.].

  Have a good day.

Glad to hear you are dieting and keeping to it - good for you.


And for the fabric - no justification needed! You should treat yourself (especially if you are on a diet!




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