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I'm sorry guys that I didn't get the newsletter out this week -- my week was thrown off. This week's theme is "Don't judge a pattern by its cover." We will attempt to make attractive garments from very unattractive pattern (envelopes).


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ooooooh, good theme idea.......


Hope you are ok Mena xxx

 Great theme Idea...[You just amaze me ,with your wonderful ideas..]

  thankyou so much for your time and energy to do this challenge.

hmmm.... that sounds like a challenge.  I have a hard time buying ugly looking patterns.  Wish us luck!
Oh dear.  This ought to be good.
Not sure I am up for this one, but we shall see if I can dig something out.
Good idea!  Have just been given some patterns and there's a very dodgy one in there that I'll definitely give a go.  I hope you're well too. 
well, I've definitely got a pile of uglies - now to find the possibilities.
Me too Jen... now ... making the ugly ...end up
Wow - I've recently ended up with a whole lot of ugly patterns, so this is a timely challenge!  (Eek!)

Kat... I'm anxious to see the ugly patterns turn into cute dresses, arent you?? Hope that is possiable in my case.. I just chose  a really "ugly ' Pattern..dont even know where it came from??? Now..we will see ,if it turns out worth wearing??????? Good luck.

Well, I've managed to half make an ugly dress out of an ugly pattern. Now how to pretty it up???  made me laugh... guess what? I picked out a very ugly pattern last night.I cut it out, and when I came in from church..I started sewing on it.. and it is still looking  ugly...I am praying that  I can add some trimmming and ironing and "MAYBE'...some sun will shine on it.ha


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