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Ages ago I remember seeing a very useful link to a blog that explained how to match plaid. At the time I swear I saved it as a favourite. Can I find it again? Of course not. So I googled and googled and found this fab helpful article here. Hope you like it.


I'm pretty sure it is not the original link because I remember alot of pinning was involved. If anyone knows where that article was I'd be much obliged....


In the meantime, I confess, I checked with our TSW nominated Anglo-American language expert Cathe because I wasn't 100% sure what plaid was. She confirms that it is tartan. (Thanks Cathe for responding without laughing at me.) I have found out why there is a difference I think, here's an interesting article about the history of tartan (plaid).


And that last sentence is definitely a sentence I never thought I'd write ;0)


Is it plaid or tartan where you live?



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I've always known the particular squared patterning as both, for instance, there used to be a 'plaid' blanket in my family (that's what it was always called, such as in, where's the plaid blanket?!)  I always associate 'tartan' with official clan patternings, of which I believe there are hundreds.  'Plaid', I always think of as any old colour combination ...

Good point Diane, I wasn't sure if plaid just referred to checked material or was tartan. I only knew the word from the film "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"  with Steve Martin, I seem to remember a sort of yellow and black check on the adverts for it. My memory is rubbish though!


I was amused to see Megan say she was making a plaid jumper - I now know that means a tartan pinafore! Tee hee

Hey my friend / proud your back..Missed you.Hope you had a good vaccation..

 So funny... it is plaid here in Ms..Tartan[like Cathe said,  It is the scottish little skirts they where,]hee hee..

Glad to see you too Judy - you are looking very slim in your latest photo, way to  go! Have you got a plaid project in thepipeline???? x

thankyou Charoltte t.. You are tooooooooooo sweet --- but I will take the slim compliment anyday.hahahhah [It is soooooooo slow going, and I have been really slow here lately..ha].

No, I dont have a plaid/tartan project lined up.. What about you?

 Hey embrassment about plaid... It just depends on where you live and what your folks say? Cathe and I  both...keep running across stuff  that one or the other didnt know... Keep teachnig us..your the best!!!

 To be honest with you... tell you how dumb I am, I actually, really thought it was the little skirts that those men wear in the Scotland  area.[Not the plaid fabric, I thought the skirt itself.]hahaha..

Hello skinny Judy

I'm a bit afraid of the whole lining the plaid up properly thing so I am not sure but I SO want to join in. I wouldn't buy plaid because I know you have to match it up (I learnt that on here! another thing I now know, this place is fab for learning stuff) but as it happens I do have a piece of plaid wool that a lovely lady gave me, 2 and a half yards, a bit like a blanket. However it is bright red, blue and yellow. I think it must be the official tartan of the McColourblind clan ;0)

After all my bad thoughts about the 1970s I do have a 1970s pattern I could use my piece of plaid for. So I might well try it! I do think of tartan as a very 1970s pattern, I had plaid trousers as a child, we all did, do you know the group the Bay City Rollers? I think my piece of plaid could have been stolen from them....

Actually, you are very close with the Scottish man skirt thing (I think they are called kilts), apparently a plaid in Scotland is a blanket worn over the shoulder - so it is an item of clothing - you are not as dumb as you think! (I looked it up on wikipedia once Cathe had told me what plaid was. I didn't know. I am learning SO much)

If you are not doing plaid will you do dyeing and fabric paint? Or are you still doing those 20 dresses?



My Scottish blood prefers tartan! But on another note I walked into a J.Crew store today, they had a table of tops identified as tartan shirts so there you go!

How funny!

BTW Cathe as Diane knows what plaid is and uses the word I am thinking it might just be me who didn't know, how embarassing, ah well, you live, you learn.....

Oh I don't know, I'm sure there are plenty of tartan people and plenty of plaid people, just depends where you grew up I think! I'm calling it tartan from here on out!
Okay I received an email last night from my fabric fabric store. They just received 30 bolts of wool, some were described as "tartan plaid"!!??!

Well... there you go.. we are all right... tartan and plaid  or make it simple and call it tartan plaid.haha

[Charolette T.. dont we feel better now? hee he

tee hee, tartan plaid it is! you are right Judy, I feel better now


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