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Ages ago I remember seeing a very useful link to a blog that explained how to match plaid. At the time I swear I saved it as a favourite. Can I find it again? Of course not. So I googled and googled and found this fab helpful article here. Hope you like it.


I'm pretty sure it is not the original link because I remember alot of pinning was involved. If anyone knows where that article was I'd be much obliged....


In the meantime, I confess, I checked with our TSW nominated Anglo-American language expert Cathe because I wasn't 100% sure what plaid was. She confirms that it is tartan. (Thanks Cathe for responding without laughing at me.) I have found out why there is a difference I think, here's an interesting article about the history of tartan (plaid).


And that last sentence is definitely a sentence I never thought I'd write ;0)


Is it plaid or tartan where you live?



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I have some checked stuff I bought when we went to Goldhawk. Its a nice warm wool perfect for Autumn/Fall I'm not sure e what to make though. I have 2m. I wanted a pencil skirt but I thought that was a bit unimaginative 
That's really nice fabric Stevie, I can see a pencil skirt looking lovely in this. I like the bluey tones....
I reckon if i'm super careful I can get a skirt and matching Capelet out of this one... The white one on this butterick pattern says it only needs one meter so if I'm super careful I think I could squeeze a skirt and cape. I'm in love with the Peter Pan collar! Plus this is the pattern I used for my first blogged dress! Which is blue and matches! 
that's supercute Stevie, I LOVE the capelet. Go for it! I have pattern jealousy.....
I love it too!
THis is cute.. I love it..
I haven't used any of my Goldhawk stuff yet (I'm ashamed to say).  I do have a shirt planned - it's just there hasn't been a theme to match yet.  May get to use some of my red polka dot and flower in the coming autumn ...

I used some for Stevie's Lisette sewalong, and I have a 3/4 finished dress in that flowery fabric I bought, it is dragging on a bit! It started off as the perfect summer dress, than became peer review.... I guess I'll finish it soon ;0)


My plaid matching for this week is not going well, I had 2m of material and I needed 3 according to the pattern, so 3 of the four main pieces were fine and then I started to get stuck so I had to squeeze out the last piece without matching it. Ah well!

It will be fine! Be brave! I've just cut my pieces for the capelet and a skirt and had plenty of fabric. Sometimes I think its worth laying out all the pieces for say a top and skirt and mess around with them even if it says your half metre off. They are always a bit too generous with fabric I had plenty left for the skirt and still have a big square for ruffles and stuff if I wanted them!

This is my skirt pattern btw I'm going for version A or E depending on how I feel once its put together. I'm not sure frills on my hips will be flattering.

Stevie, love this skirt pattern.cute.
I like it, both A and E are pretty....
So sorry Charolette... It stinks when you dont have enough fabric, doesnt it?// I ran into the same problem with a dress this week too..  I want to scream..ha Hope you can get yours to work out.. Mine is heading for the trash


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