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Ages ago I remember seeing a very useful link to a blog that explained how to match plaid. At the time I swear I saved it as a favourite. Can I find it again? Of course not. So I googled and googled and found this fab helpful article here. Hope you like it.


I'm pretty sure it is not the original link because I remember alot of pinning was involved. If anyone knows where that article was I'd be much obliged....


In the meantime, I confess, I checked with our TSW nominated Anglo-American language expert Cathe because I wasn't 100% sure what plaid was. She confirms that it is tartan. (Thanks Cathe for responding without laughing at me.) I have found out why there is a difference I think, here's an interesting article about the history of tartan (plaid).


And that last sentence is definitely a sentence I never thought I'd write ;0)


Is it plaid or tartan where you live?



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Also watched the Vogue DVD last night - there's even a special section in it on, 'Plaids and Checks'. I don't buy this magazine that often, but the DVD was tempting ... the magazine was full of brilliant ideas too, so it was well worth the cover price this time for me.

After sorting out whether it is a plaid or a tartan, how about the tale of the american couple visiting Edinburgh and the missus deciding that DH needed a full Scottish outfit, and working her way through the list of items announces in a loud voice that they were missing the 'Hairy Crotch Bag'!  Everyone else in the shop (including my friend, who told me about it) quickly disappeared into corners to die laughing as silently as possible, except for the poor shop assistant, who had to stay there with a straight face! 

 Actually she needed a sporran.

From my re-enacting days a plaid was a loooong length of tartan which was laid on the ground on top of your belt, and pleated up,  then you would lay down and roll it around you and fasten your belt to hold it in place.  A sort of early un-stitched kilt.

Lol - oh dear!
great story ;0) that has made me laugh.....
Oh it's tartan!  And in New Zealand too - where lots of Scots descendants live.  It's really not that popular here.
Really? It can be so pretty!

Guess what? I found the matching plaid tutorial that I lost! A bit late, it was on, here's the link to her explanation:


Tasia of sewaholic had made a lovely plaid cape, such nice colours;


I am glad I found it..... ;0)

Wish I'd known about this sooner, I'm afraid my lovely length of 'Hunter Thomson' fabric that I was so proud to have found has metamorphosed from a bias cut skirt to a handbag!  After jiggling it about to try and make it match, it just kept getting smaller and smaller until I've ended up with two rectangles of bias cut fabric...oh dear...  Still, I've been admiring a tartan day bag in the Cath Kidston shop (a bit out of my price range I'm afraid) so I can now make my own!  Every cloud has a silver lining ...  
Thanks Charolette. I am going to add to favorites this time..  I need to read it again.. How is your cape coming along?
This is exactly where I fail every time and come to my knees. When I was working on my striped long sleeve t-shirt I went around and around trying to keep the lines matched up. It was totally phooey! The only way I could get a good match was to use a glue stick to hold the seams before sewing. When I was working on my chevron bias Ginger I cut out three front panels before I actually got a match up. I'm not sure what the answer is other than I appear to be really dense!
I'm wondering if there actually is an answer - having just flicked through my Vogue copy again, there's a plaid skirt in there priced at over £400 and none of it matches!  I think it's just fussy old me that want's it to match ... 


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