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Ages ago I remember seeing a very useful link to a blog that explained how to match plaid. At the time I swear I saved it as a favourite. Can I find it again? Of course not. So I googled and googled and found this fab helpful article here. Hope you like it.


I'm pretty sure it is not the original link because I remember alot of pinning was involved. If anyone knows where that article was I'd be much obliged....


In the meantime, I confess, I checked with our TSW nominated Anglo-American language expert Cathe because I wasn't 100% sure what plaid was. She confirms that it is tartan. (Thanks Cathe for responding without laughing at me.) I have found out why there is a difference I think, here's an interesting article about the history of tartan (plaid).


And that last sentence is definitely a sentence I never thought I'd write ;0)


Is it plaid or tartan where you live?



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Thanks Judy and Stevie, I do have enough fabric (just) the pieces don't match up though. However as I didn't realise they were even supposed to until I got onto this forum I am not going to let it spoil my fun, I will say I mismatched it on purpose if anyone asks, more stylish that way ;0)



Woop! I'm glad you have enough! Mine is a disaster of sorts. I started the skirt and did version E with the frilly pockets but I forgot I was working in wool... Have you ever tried to ruffle wool?! My machine and I are not speaking as I tried to make it sew over 4 layers of it. 

It looks lovely and i've spent all day on it... So whats the bad part? Its too frickin small!!!!


Judy did say on my blog that when she was losing weight she did it on purpose to slim into things so I'm using that as my excuse. 

Might have to have pics of it pinned to me as my arse is too big at present lol!

Hope your machine is getting over its sulk, how annoying that the skirt is too small though, what a pain, put on a photo anyway! I want to see how lovely it is, as inspiration...



Hi Steve,  so sorry your pockets was so rough to ruffle.. and that it was too small..that really is disgusting..isnt it/ But I  have made a  few things

that I have the goal to slim on down.. It helps ,knowing something  new is waiting on me..Good luck with your diet..My heart goes out to you.It is sooooooooo not fun..ha. But, my health is improving with what little bit that I have lost.. So, I must keep on keeping matter how slow.

Charolette are a girl after my own heart!!!!  I love that idea...  I think it looks great ,not being soooo 'MATCHY'... If nothing else..I say , we start our "own style' of  not matching.heehee

 My dress.. I really messed up... It was suppose to be cut on the bias, I didnt turn one of the skirt pattern peices over and now the floral fabic is cut more fabric  .I barely had enough to get this cut out.It STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!  AND  I have no one to blame ,,,but me.ha

oh no! what a pain, can you save it? Or is it a binner and not a winner??????


Hoping you can save something out of it x

I treated myself to a copy of Vogue today (la di da!) - the one with the free catwalk DVD on the front.  There's a brilliant plaid skirt in there (on one of the adverts) with black V shaped inserts.  Solves the problem of having to match plaid up brilliantly! 
oooh Vogue, get you! That idea is ace though, I will remember that for next time.....
Ohhh! I bought that copy but I didn't bother to look at the DVD I will definitely look later!

I'm late to the party-

We use plaid for generic prints and Tartan for specific patterns. Mostley in our area its more about Nascar t-shirts than Black Watch,tho....

Thanks Anne, perhaps you could make a Nascar inspired oufit this week instead of plaid, tee hee
I will not give in to the local tyranny!


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