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Make This Look in reverse - I found Kat's skirt in the shop today!


I went shopping today, to my favourite RTW shop, a British chain called Monsoon.


Look what I found:


I was really taken with it but couldn't think why.... until I remembered this:


Tee hee - the shop version costs £55!

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The kettle will be brewing.... and the cookies hot from the oven... [Kenny said..he doesnt even get that kind of treatment...ha]

  We will talk,talk, and talk some more.. And Kenny will definitely  show you his coke museum.. He spends lots of time out there.[One day, I will email you  some pictures of it..give you an idea..]

  FUN.FUN.FUN.. - we will have.

One day Judy, and maybe Cathe will join us.... wouldn't that be fabulous? We would never ever stop talking.....
Oh boy.... I probably would NEVER let you all go home.. Just become Blue Mountain residents forever.hahahhahahha..[We would never get work done.. we would talk and sew toooo]
I will have to mapquest the drive from Texas to you, Judy. I am on my way. Plus with a town named Blue Mountain I don't think you would ever get me to leave. LOL
The more I look at this, the more tempted I am to have a go at something similar.

How would you put the circles on Jen? That is what is bugging me. I really like it. But sadly lovely Judy is too far for me to get her to help. Do you think bondaweb? Hand applique? The circles look too small to sew around neatly or do you think it is possible?


Maybe we ought to have an unofficial theme of make this skirt - it does look doable ;0)


BTW have you got your hands on a copy of Snuff yet???????? I am very excited .....

I'm sure you can do it,  it's much easier than sanding with your hip thrust out to one side all day ;-)

For the circles I would use a iron on like Vlisofix or bondaweb which seams to be the same thing.

I've done some apliques on shirts and a blanked for my son and found that fabrics with little or no fray work best.

Since the iron on keeps the fabrics together you don't have to zig zag around the whole aplique, this is only to prevent fraying, a simple straight stich to secure the circles will do.

I like to use jersey for apliques, usualy from some old shirts, even better if they have some nice pattern.

If you want to use a lightweight fabric for the skirt itself and want to use your sewing mashine you should also get some embroidery backing.

I think the really smal cirles on this shirt are some kind of paillettes? It would also look cute with some smaller buttons sewed on.

I think I would like to make a skirt like that as well... and get a copy of Snuff but that probably won't happen before christmas...

I know you asked Jen - she is the quilting expert and probably would do this far better than me...but I thought I'd let you know how I did the heart on my pj's. It's how I'd do the circles. I hate handstitching.

1. I cut out the heart with a 1cm seam allowance

2. Using a no. 4 stitch length stitch 1cm in from cut edge, leave long tails of thread.

3. pull the end threads to slightly gather -  this makes it easy to fold the seam allowance in and keep a nice curve, snip some of the excess away if necessary. Press, so that the stitching is hidden underneath.

4. apply double sided fusing - right over the top of the folded seam allowance.

5. iron on and then topstitch in place 3mm from edge.

thanks for that Casey !

I also use iron on.

I use cut the shape I want and use heatbond- So it will stick to both fabrics. It wont stick forever so you need to sew around with a decorative stitch  to secure it in place and hide the fabric borders . Zig zags works too if your machine dont have decorative stichers.

I get Heat N Bond Ultra per meter s works a good deal

Casey... this is how I did it too !! [ before I got my embroidery machine].. .Works great!!  And your heart pj's were adorable.


Charolette, it works really well.  And as Rachel says, I used a decorative stitch all way around.. 


 Rachel does the most beautiful ones ,I have ever seen..She is the crafting queen, check out her blog.

*blushed* Judy u are so sweet... I'm going to go right now and give u a big hug.


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