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Make This Look in reverse - I found Kat's skirt in the shop today!


I went shopping today, to my favourite RTW shop, a British chain called Monsoon.


Look what I found:


I was really taken with it but couldn't think why.... until I remembered this:


Tee hee - the shop version costs £55!

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I'll definitely have a good look at Rachel's blog - although I may get side-tracked, last time I was too busy drooling over her recipes to look at the sewing!
(Thank you Casey - flattering, but not true). You have a really clear way of explaining things so I'll be following your lead on this.

Charolette.... what in the world is Snuff?????????  I assume some type of book or pattern?? around

here snuff is   a disgusting powder they dip and spit !!! lol

Snuff is Terry Pratchett's new novel - I know Jen likes his books and I guess Nora does too (yay Nora!), it is nothing to do with sewing I'm afraid!

Well.. I will have to check the book out.. I dont read alot any more [use to all the time...need to read a good book agian].


   Charolette..did you know what snuff is?? what you dip and spit ? ha

I do indeed love all of his books (my current favorite is Nation - one of the best books I ever read), but you're right even the seamstresses are a bit on the lazy side when it comes to sewing :-)

Have you read "I shall wear mightnight"? I would like to sew the dress Tiffany gets in the end sometimes, if I'll ever become that good...

I love all TP's books and still have a soft spot for one of the first ones I ever read - Wyrd Sisters - I like Nation too though ...


I did make a black top for a challenge here and called it "I shall wear midnight" (that's how I know Jen likes TP, but the top was so horrid I should be ashamed of myself calling it that.....

Now that you mention it, I remember commenting on your photo maybe I should do something for my brain and read a book :-)
lol - Jen LOVES his books and thinks the man is a genius. (Yay Nora too)
he is fantastic.. althought for my knowlogde of language it makes a harde read...

I am so glad that everyone else had suggestions for this. My quilting has been mostly triangles and squares. No applique. It would be fun to have a go at it though. Love to see the colour combinations that everyone comes up with.


As for Snuff!! Yess!!!! I ordered it from the Book Depository and it was delivered while I was on holiday. As I had it sent to my work address it was sitting on my desk when I went to work on Monday. I started it at lunchtime and then read most of it that evening and finished it off Tuesday. Really enjoyed it - but won't give any spoilers :-)

Thanks everyone, so many good suggestions, I am so happy to see all your ideas, you are all so generous with your time and support, thank you xxxxxx


PS I have bought some bondaweb off ebay and await its arrival x

PPS I think we are all off to Blue Mountain to our sewing Maw's later on xxxxx


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