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Is anyone else having trouble loading the main page?

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Its beautiful but slow to load on my iPad -yes

I was earlier but it seems to be working now - at least for me.  Any luck yet?

It finally loaded for me about two hours ago, but very slow. 

I noticed that some of the comments under pre-existing posts on the main page seemed to have disappeared under the new format but that's the only issue I've seen. It may be because it's constantly updating at the moment with new contributor information?

Depending on when during the day, I periodically have trouble loading...either it won't load, or takes about 5 minutes

We're working to get this all stable and it should be going faster. 

I don't seem to have that issue...but I can't change my profile is really old. Just wanted to update. Tried to but once the photo comes up the accept button is clear off the page and the page won't move. Guess I will just have to stay blond. :)

Never mind...I had to super zoom out, but I got it. Now I am in my "purple" challenge dress and a brunette again!

I don't have any trouble with the site itself but sometimes the content takes a few hours to push to Google Reader - I think this has been true since late last year sometime. It's not a major issue, I'm just a chronic "Reader Refresher".


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