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Made by me but not for me !!! What did you make for someone else?

When you start sewing, there is always a question when you show a project to someone _ "Can you make me one?" Or maybe a gift with more personality was the motivation.


What have you sew/made for someone else? Please share pictures too.


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I sewed some hats as presents, but I don't have pictures.
Latley I sewed some babyclothes and a small dieaperbag for a friend who is having her first child  in october.
these are very cute!
Oh, my! I made so many garments for others I can't even remember... Let me see if I can find some photos. That's my problem, I rarely record what I make. And that is not good.

Here they are:

A prom dress based on a Versace design

A dress for an ex neighbor:

For friends

I loved the fab white prom dress... I want one too !

And I have to add this: the moments I was most happy are the moments I saw the happyness in someones eyes for the thing I made for them.  I will never forget a girl for whom I made a prom dress...One of the brightest moments of my life. Unfortunately there are no pictures...


Barbara, you are a great friend to have ! xx




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