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Made by me but not for me !!! What did you make for someone else?

When you start sewing, there is always a question when you show a project to someone _ "Can you make me one?" Or maybe a gift with more personality was the motivation.


What have you sew/made for someone else? Please share pictures too.


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I don't think I have ever made clothes for anyone but myself, daughter and husband. I have made plenty of home decor projects for others and I actually cringe when I'm at my parent's house, I've made them too much. When a package arrives from me, I'm sure they are saying something like oh please not another one of her creations!

If I come across anything that's been photographed I will post them.
I've made a number of quilts - quilts are easy and you don't have to do fittings. I'm not so confident in my sewing skills that I would inflict a garment that I made on someone else. Having said that, my boyfriend will eventually get a shirt or two when I am ready.

oh. I HAVE. and i want it BACK.


it was a gown for a gala, for a good friend. it took me 4 weeks. i was really excited to do it when she asked me, and then got terrified, and then excited again, and then i had to reinstall the invisible zip seven times... and NOW I'M BITTER.

HOLY CRAP--that's ONE AMAZING PRESENT.....I'd want it back too....look at that fabric and design...stunning!!!!


debi:  thank you! it's the second thing i draped & designed from scratch. so if she hadn't asked, i guess i wouldn't have tried...
Yeah I agree, I want it too, are you crazy??? Maybe loan her the dress but no way give it to her! And BTW it fits you perfectly!
cathe: i am, indeed, insane, and as for loaning......
no.. ! ( face in shock) did you give that dress away?..ohhh  I would be bitter too !
YES.... okay girl, share your giveaway pics so we can commiserate!

Oh my god!  That is stunning.  The drape, the color, the fit...

I guess you'll just have to make an even more fabulous gown for yourself as a consolation?

thank you!


hmm. i think you're onto something there. sort of "if i build it, the occasion to wear it will come". me likey.

I love love love love love it. Will you be my friend? I usually get a scented candle or bath salts from my friends. 


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