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Is it Winter where you live? What are you planning for next weeks challenge?

Oh what a dilemma! It's too darned cold to think about summer dresses! (I just sneezed.. how appropriate was that timing!)


So lovely ladies of the southern hemisphere...I ask you...  are you planning to 'bend the rules' this week?


My ideas so far..


The perfect 'transeasonal dress' - which would probably really be a summer dress worn with tights and turtleneck. lol.


A summer dress in a winter fabric... worn with tights and a turtleneck. (I completely planned to do this with the colette parfait - in cord.. just like Debi's... but alas it will be weeks before my pattern arrives!)


The perfect winter dress - I mean if you're gonna bend the rules.. why not just do the complete opposite... right?


or.. to heck with the challenge this week and whip out a UFO instead.



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Yeah, I was debating about this a bit as well!  I considered doing the ultimate winter dress (coz it's rather cold over here right now - I'm hovering over the heater, wrapped in wool.  Not exactly summer dress weather).  But then I thought, heck, I've got so many summer dress patterns I've been meaning to make up so I may as well make one up and do a photo shoot wrapped in a blanket and drinking a summery cocktail on a beach, haha!  :-)  (Or that's the theory at the moment, anyway.  Admittedly this is in part because I have a lack of winter dress fabrics in my stash for some reason....)
After my last effort, I need something a little easier, so (hopefully) I've picked a summer dress pattern which I should be able to get through with little hassle. I also doubt that I would wear a winter dress, so I would be better off making something that I might actually use.
Hello Ladies of the Antipodes, also cuddling a heater for warmpth, in boots and wool poloneck and hoody with jeans.  I will be doing the summer dress with said poloneck - a la Audrey Hepburn I think.  Will try and feature some Autumn leaves for extra authenticity!  Keep warm!

 wow ladies... sorry its cold where you are at.. I just never thought about it being cold 'elsewhere"  .. It was 90 degrees at my home front yesterday..yea,yea..


   I think if ,i were in cold weather time..I would go with an opposite... a warm , wool or flannel.. all  cozy  garment..

I really cant see my self sewing pretty spingy flowers in the winter..ha


  What ever you choose....Know you all will come up with something really cute!!! You always do..

I like the Colette parfait as a winter dress....and despite being almost summer's still cold :)  hehehehe.  But I am doing a short sleeve dress this week! I think you should do the perfect winter dress!!
Oh my sympathies to you all, do I ever get cold weather...!

I really like Debi and Judy's ideas! I think you should go for a winter theme, it is winter down under aligning with summer over here!

Looking forward to seeing what you all make!
I think I'd be tempted by Debi's idea too ... good luck with deciding.  I'm having trouble at the moment picking out a summer dress pattern, since I did what I feel is my perfect summer dress last week!
Diane,...yours was super pretty last week..Look forward to seeing what you come up with.Happy Sewing.
I think I've decided now, but I'm still finishing 'embellish'.  Have been a bit 'under the weather' this weekend and haven't done much at all.  Feel a lot better now though and hope to get it finished tomorrow, as we have a holiday here in the UK.  Thanks Judy!


   Hope you feel better...

That's funny you should say that Diane, I had thought that about many of you recently and especially your latest dress!


Sorry you have been under the weather this weekend, that's no fun. We too have a holiday tomorrow and I'm beyond happy!

Hmmm - I know I'm not in the Southern Hemisphere - but as far as the weather goes I might as well could be... The past few days it's been no warmer than 15 degrees C ... So I've been considering a knitted dress, that would work for a transitions-dress.

ETA: but I WILL do the challenge and it'll be my first! YAY!!!!


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