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Welcome to sew weekly..  I enjoyed your blog. Happy sewing.

Thank you both! The car was my dad's and was loaded to go home with one of my brothers.

Is there some place that I can find a list of all of the challenges? I've only found the current and two up comings listed.

Hi Wundermary,

If you go to "archives" on the home page you can see each challenge by week, theme and photos.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Hello there!

I'm new...kind of. I'll admit, i've been lurking around here for quite some time now and eyeing up all the pretty sewing candy. I'm launching myself in full swing with a project that ive been wanting to make for ages but havent had the impetus...or the balls! Inspired by the refashioning theme this week/last week i made the curtain coat (its more of a jacket really)! I feel i got a slight bit of coco chanel from an old curtain...kind of!!

Read more about my making/baking/teaching/green living life in Lebanon on my blog.

Look forward to getting to know more about some of you.


I've just got round to joining Sew Weekly though I've been dipping in and out for about a year now. I've been sewing regularly now for about 4 years and I'll attempt anything - with varying degrees of success. I haven't bought a RTW item in over three years now except for a pair of Armani jeans and the odd cardigan / jumper. I started to sew because I wanted sleeves, skirts that came to my knees and anything as long as it wasn't black. I couldn't find clothes in the shops that I wanted so I make them. I probably have stuff in my wardrobe now that I would never have purchased but I find that when I make them I am a bit more adventurous with colours, patterns and styles. 

I've only recently ventured out of isolation from my sewing room into the virtual sewing world - joined Pattern Review, BurdaStyle, Sew Weekly and have been posting on my blog for a month  - sewruth. It's encouraging to read comments and opinions of other sewers.

Looking forward to joining some challenges and the support on offer.

welcome to the sewing circle Ruth, glad to have you on board!

Hi Ruth, welcome to sew weekly.. Hope you have lots of fun.Happy sewing

Welcome to sew weekly Sarah..  Hope you have lots of fun.. and look forward to seeing your next project..Happy sewing.

Hi Sarah,

I jumped over to your blog and really enjoyed it. You do a great job bringing up interest ideas and gently teaching through your experience. I also love your inspiration. Anyway it's a beautifully presented blog and touches on lots of great things, it's very thoughtful.

I'm sure Sew Weekly will be just the right thing for getting lots of sewing under way. The challenges are good but the community is really inspiring so if you ever have wondered about a pattern, it's probably done right here and depending on the pattern you might find lots of variations, like Colettes free pattern, Sorbetto, I think we have all made it in a gazillion variations!

I hope you have lots of fun sewing with us!


Hello! We met in St. Paul at the Womens Creative Connection loved your dress'es! Been sewing for 40 years and learning everyday!  Hope to meet alot of new sewing  friends!

Hello we met in St.Paul loved your dresses! I have been sewing for 40 years thanks to a high school sewing teacher!! Thanks for this site hope to meet alot of sewers!!



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